Canyon Rim PTA


Canyon Rim faculty is excited to continue our reputation for outstanding community involvement and excelling academic instruction. Known for our strong community, students at Canyon Rim work together to make a difference in our community through service projects that demonstrate the Six Pillars of Character.


Our staff is committed to educational excellence and strives to provide learning opportunities that will challenge the mind of each child. With a focus on planning instructional activities to meet the individual needs of students, teachers set goals, track progress, and celebrate achievements within their classes. Reflective of our commitment to continue excelling academically while modeling a life-long love of learning, our teachers actively pursue staff development activities that enhance their instructional skills. Additionally, we are planning many exciting opportunities for students to show case their unique strengths and grow as individuals.


Committed to integrating 21st century learning skills in our day-to-day instruction, nearly all of our classrooms are equipped with document cameras, projectors and Smartboards. A plan is in place to secure this technology for every classroom at the start of this school year. Teachers are continually learning new and innovative ways to integrate technology into classroom instruction, providing opportunities for students to interact with technology as they learn to create power point presentations, Prezzis, edit videos and much more to share what they have learned.  Additionally, students are involved in many collaborative learning activities that require critical thinking and application of the skills across all content areas.


We enjoy an active PTA and have several opportunities for parents and community members to become involved in and out of the classroom. We are excited to partner with you as we build on our reputation of being dedicated to meeting student needs in a safe, loving environment.


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