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Students learn best and achieve their full potential in safe and orderly classrooms. This positive academic environment begins with safe families and safe communities. School safety is a community issue requiring collaboration between the schools, emergency response agencies, parents and the community. An integrated school safety plan takes an all hazards approach and consists of three components: Prevention, Response and Recovery. Each component is vital to the effectiveness of the overall plan. We will look at the Prevention component today.

Prevention programs are the first component in an integrated school safety plan. The purpose of a prevention program is to create a safe school environment that supports academic achievement. These programs address a variety of issues including discrimination, bias, violence, substance abuse, and threat assessment. Our primary goal is to prevent emergencies.

At CRRE we practice prevention through fire drills, lock downs, and character education. Our campus is secured by locking side doors and allowing visitor entry only through the front office door where all visitors sign in, receive a visitor’s badge, and sign out. Our school is too large for us to know every parent. We appreciate your patience, cooperation, and understanding in this safety measure. We have signs posted to note that we are a drug and weapon free zone. Good character is taught and rewarded.

Schools that have comprehensive violence prevention and response plans in place, along with teams to design and implement those plans, report the following results:

  • Improved academics
  • Better staff morale
  • Reduced disciplinary referrals and suspensions
  • More efficient use of human and financial resources
  • Improve school climate that is more conducive to learning
  • Enhanced safety

Statistically, schools continue to be one of the most secure places for our children. Communications between school and home centered in respect and understanding will establish a safe environment for CRRE students, and guests.


Geane Flournoy

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