AzMerit Testing Schedule
Grades 3-6
Tuesday through Thursday
Testing times: 9:00am-12:50pm

We Teach and We Learn
The Greenfield Elementary mission statement clearly conveys our core purpose. Our teachers and staff are passionate and professional in their practice and challenge each student to perform to their potential and to grow. They take their responsibilities seriously, yet keep our campus an exceptionally warm and welcoming place.

Greenfield Elementary students exhibit a healthy balance of academic drive and fun-loving school spirit. Students are given opportunities for success in the classroom, in music and fine arts, in athletics, and in social settings with their peers. Approach any student and say “We are….” and be prepared for a loud reply of “GATORS!”

We are a fantastic school where students excel academically; teachers continually challenge their students to succeed; and our community dedicates itself to its school. Greenfield Elementary is an excellent school. You are welcome and encouraged to visit the Swamp and meet the Great Greenfield Gators.


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