Advanced Placement
Advanced Placement
Advanced Placement (AP) Students who have taken AP classes at the high school level may choose to take advanced placement exams to earn college credit. The granting of and amount of college credit earned is determined by the institution the student will be attending based on the score received on each test. Information on the Advanced Placement Program can be found on the College Board website. Students will be notified of the testing dates and registration procedures.
Advanced Placement Courses offered:
English Language
English Composition
English Literature and Composition
Environmental Science
European History
U.S. Government and Politics
Spanish Language
Spanish Literature
Studio Art
United States History
Honors Courses
The high school honors curriculum is designed to provide academic acceleration and enrichment of the able and ambitious student. Placement is based on a pre-determined score on a District-approved test. It is recommended that students maintain a C or better to continue in the honors sequence. Students who have not participated in the Honors Program at the junior high school level will need to qualify for the high school program. Testing is done periodically throughout the school year. See your school counselor for details.
Honors Courses are offered in the following areas:
            Laboratory Science
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