Grading Policy AP Economics / Instructor: John “Doc” Holaday

Your grade will be determined by the total number of
points you earn during the grading period. Grades will be computed from the
total possible points with 90% of that score being an A, 80 to 89% a B, 70 to
79% a C, and 60 to 69% a D. Any “Bonus Points” earned will not be added to the
grade unless the student has achieved 90% attendance throughout the semester (no
more than 10 absences at semester). Your points will come from the following

Assignments: Assignments of varying points will be given throughout the
semester. All assignments are to be turned in on time! It
is your responsibility to make arrangements upon
your return to class for any missed class work.

Tests: Tests of varying points, usually 100, will be given
throughout the grading period at approximately 2-3 week intervals. If you miss a
test and the absence is is your responsibility to make up the test on YOUR own time. Make up tests will not be given
during class.

Participation: You will receive 2 points per day for attendance and
participation. Classroom activities will begin at the bell. Coming in tardy will
result in loss of points.

Weekly Report: A weekly report from an article that was given to you
in class is worth 20 points is due the last day of class every week. These
reports are to be one page typed with a one paragraph summary and one paragraph
opinion with support/reasoning of the events discussed. Reports not typed will
be worth half credit.

BiWeekly Report: A biweekly report worth 20 points is due the last day
of class every other week. These reports are to be one page typed covering a
current event related to the class subject matter. These reports must include a
copy of the article that was your source, a one paragraph summary of the article
that you chose, and one paragraph opinion with support/reasoning of the events
discussed. Reports not typed will be worth half credit.

Notebook: A
notebook for just this class is due at the end of each 9 week grading period. It

worth 100 points. Each notebook is required to be in a three
ring binder. It will be organized by notes, handouts, and assignments per unit.
It will be graded on neatness, content, and

Report: A typed report worth a minimum 300 points will be due
five weeks before the end of the

semester. The student will collect 5 articles, each a
minimum of five paragraphs in length, on the

same subject dealing with economics. Each article is
to be mounted and the main points are to be highlighted. A one and a half page 12 point double spaced
summary of the five articles and a one half page opinion are to be

Final Exam: ALL students will take the final exam. The exam is
comprehensive. The exam is worth 20% of your final grade. THIS MEANS YOUR FINAL CLASS GRADE MAY DROP TO FAILING BASED UPON

Electronic Devises are not to be out during classroom instruction at
anytime unless permission is granted by the instructor. This is to include
lecture, movies, and / or assignment work while in the class. Failure to comply
with this reasonable request the student will be asked to surrender said
electronic devise to the instructor. Non compliance will result in disciplinary
action by administration for insubordination.

You will be treated and expected to act as an adult in
this class. This means you will be held responsible and accountable for your
actions. Any action by you that detracts from learning will be dealt with
appropriately. You are expected to be in class everyday on time and prepared.
Excessive absences and tardies will be dealt with according to school policy and
may result in loss of credit.

An Open Letter To My Students;

Attending High School is the equivalent to being
employed. Some will say I don’t get paid so how can this be like a job. You are
right, you don’t receive a “paycheck” while attending school, but you receive
something much more valuable. You learn the skills and information you will need
to acquire the skills you will need to have success in your job or chosen
career. The more you learn now the further you can go in achieving your dreams.
The effort you spend in your 12 years of “public” education will have a huge
impact on the success you have for the following 40 plus years that you will be
working for a living.

Success on the job is achieved only with hard work and
effort. This is also true of school. The habits and work ethic you establish now
will carry on with you after you leave school and go to work for a living. To
quote the late Vince Lombardi, former head coach of the Green Bay Packers,
“winning is not a sometimes thing, but an all the times thing. and unfortunately
so is losing”. What Coach Lombardi meant by that statement was that your
attitude is reflected in everything that you do. An attitude of working hard and
doing your best carries over into all aspects of your life, and unfortunately so
does being lazy and doing just enough to get by. What kind of attitude are you

Your employer expects you to be on the job everyday,
be on time, and come to work prepared for work. You are allowed only a specific
number of sick days each year after which your pay is “docked”. This is also
true of this class. Regular and prompt attendance is essential, and your “sick”
days are limited (see your student handbook). Excessive absences will result in
the loss of your “job” in the work force and loss of credit in this class.

Meetings are essential part of the workplace, and
everyone is expected to attend regularly and contribute to the discussion and
exchange information that takes place Your knowledge and sharing of

vital information will improve your standings and
chance for promotion at your place of employment (graduation). Likewise not
knowing or sharing puts you in jeopardy (loss of credit). You are expected to
contribute to our discussions and analysis of the issues. This requires that you
come to each class prepared to discuss not only the assigned material but
current events as they relate to this class . Failure to do so

will cause a demotion and loss of salary in the
business world. In this class it will cause a lowering of your grade.

In the workplace your employer requires that you
submit all reports on time. Failure to do so will endanger your employers
business and ultimately your success and paycheck. The same is true for this
class. All reports (tests and papers) are due at a scheduled time. If for a
justified reason, you will not be able to meet the time schedule, you must
notify me, just as you would in the workplace. Such extensions

do not come without a cost and may result in a
decrease in your “salary” (grade).

Performance reviews occur periodically in the
workplace and your employer determines the

degree that you are meeting specific goals during
these reviews. Such is the case in this class. The
“performance reviews” for this class are quizzes and exams. These reviews
require that you not only

show your knowledge of the material, but also your
ability to use this knowledge in real-world situations. Your “pay” (grade)
depends upon the caliber of your performance.

Every employer is looking for employees that are
knowledgeable, dependable, and trustworthy.

By attending class regularly, participating in class
activities, submitting all material complete, well prepared, and on time you
will not only have the opportunity to succeed in this class, but develop the
habits that will make you a valuable employee to any firm. I am looking forward
to working and learning with you. I am interested in your success and am
available if you need assistance.

Sincerely, John “Doc” Holaday
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