Sixth Grade Standards
To view the curriculum standards for sixth grade, please click on a curriculum title below.
  • Reading

    Effect of affixes on root words, similes, metaphors, personification, idioms, read a variety of genres, comprehension strategies

  • Writing

    Writing process, writing components, writing applications

  • Mathematics

    Fractions, rounding, math facts, histograms, scatter plots, mean, median, mode, probabilities as decimals, algebraic expressions, geometry and measurement, structure and logic

  • Science

    Measuring Time, Lanforms, Experiments with Plants, Health

  • Social Studies, Work Habits, Pillars of Character

    The First Civilizations, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Israel, Greece, Early India, Early China, Rome, The Byzantine Empire & The Rise of Christianity, Islamic Civilizations, Medieval Africa, Medieval Europe, The Americas, The Renaissance and Reformation, Enlightenment and Revolution, Personal Finance

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