Science Resource Center

Our vision is to provide every elementary student with an integrated, hands-on, inquiry-based curriculum that includes important science concepts and processes.
The curriculum will:
  • stimulate interest in science
  • develop critical thinking skills
  • facilitate positive attitudes toward science so that every student can learn at the highest level
  • provide every student with equal opportunities to learn science

The district shares the following principles which have been shown to ensure success in science for all students:
  1. Learning is an active process enhanced by hands-on, discovery-based experiences and by interaction with other students.

  2. To be meaningful, science must be taught in context rather than in isolation. It should be taught emphasizing the link between science and technology in society. A science curriculum needs to stress the broad application of the critical and analytic thinking skills developed through science instruction.

  3. Curriculum coverage should focus on a deeper understanding of scientific principles and processes by reducing the number of topics to be covered allowing each topic covered to be explored in more depth.

  4. Materials have to be available for teachers to support effective inquiry teaching/learning.

Effectively changing the science program requires sustained teacher enhancement with teacher involvement in planning.

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