Maintenance and Operation – Fund 001

The Maintenance & Operations (M&O) Fund budget is where most of the day to day expenditures take
place. Typical budgeted expenditures include: salaries, employee benefits, supplies, utilities,
maintenance and repair, and miscellaneous expenditures not of a capital nature.

Unrestricted Capital Outlay – Fund 610

This fund accounts for budgeted expenditures for acquisitions by purchase, lease-purchase, lease or
long-term lease of capital items are defined in the Uniform System of Financial Records, which
include the following areas:

•Land, buildings, and improvements to land and buildings, including labor and related benefits costs and materials if the work is performed by school district employees.
•Furniture, furnishings, athletic equipment and other equipment, including software.
•Pupil and non-pupil transportation vehicles and equipment, including all capital expenditures within a contract, if the district contracts for pupil transportation.
•Instructional aids, including instructional software.
•Library books.

Soft Capital Allocation – Fund 625

Districts can spend Soft Capital Allocation budget for short-term capital items that are required
to meet academic adequacy standards such as technology, textbooks, library resources, instructional
aids, pupil transportation vehicles, and furniture and equipment. Since fiscal year 2010, districts
have been able to use these monies for any operating or capital expenditures.


Classroom Site Fund – Fund 010

The Classroom Site Fund (CSF), as prescribed by A.R.S.§15-977, was established in fiscal year 2002
to account for the portion of state sales tax collections and State Trust Land income provided to
school districts as an additional source of funding for teacher salary increases, performance-based
teacher compensation increases, class size reduction and other specified maintenance and operation


Instructional Improvement Fund 020

This fund consists of monies received from Indian Gaming. Districts may utilize up to 50% of these
monies for teacher compensation increases and class size reduction. The other half of the monies
are used for Dropout prevention programs and Instructional improvement programs including programs
to develop minimum reading skills for students by the end of 3rd grade.

Federal Funds 100-399

These are federal grants which are used for supplemental educational programs like
professional development and educational programs for at risk populations, Guidelines
for accounting and reporting of these funds are set forth by the appropriate department of the Arizona Department of Education.   More details about the individual funds may be found at the U.S. Department of Education

State Projects Funds 400-499

These are state grants which are used for supplemental educational programs like
professional development and educational programs for at risk populations, Guidelines
for accounting and reporting of these funds are set forth by the Grants Management department of the Arizona Department of Education.

School Plant Funds – Fund 50x

This fund is used to account for the monies derived from the sale or lease of school property

Food Services - Fund 510

This fund is used to record the financial operations of school activities which have as their
purpose the preparation and serving of regular and incidental meals, lunches, breakfasts and snacks
in connection with school functions – primarily school cafeteria operations.

Civic Center - Fund 515

Monies received for use of school facilities and the related expenditures are accounted for in this
fund. A reasonable fee shall be charged for lease of property, unless the board permits
uncompensated use for activities that promote the educational functions of the district.
The distribution of funds is described in the attached document.

Civic Center Rental Distribution.pdf

Acceptable expenditures are referenced in Policy DKC-R

Dual Credit Enrollment Funds - Fund 523
Pursuant to  A.R.S. 15-1821.01 , district high schools may offer courses authorized by colleges that may be counted toward both high school and college graduation requirements at the high school during the school day.  A portion of the Average Daily Membership funds generated from this enrollment is deposited to this fund to offset the cost of providing this service.
  • 10% of the semi annual revenue goes to the district office to offset indirect administrative costs
  • The remaining 90% is allocated to each participating high schools general account. 

Auxiliary Funds ( Student Fees) - Fund 525

This fund is used to collect fees to cover additional services provided by the sites. District Athletic Fees (Project 508) are not available to the schools, they are used to offset expenses for grounds, coaching stipends and other non-instructional costs associated with athletic programs.

After direct costs are considered the money may be allocated by schools for other purposes.

Extra Curricular Tax Credit – Fund 526

This fund is used to account for tax credit contribution revenues and expenditures of monies collected in support of
extracurricular and character education activities. Contributions to this fund may be taken as a
tax credit by the taxpayer in accordance with A.R.S. §43-1089.01. The district guidelines for expenditures
from this fund are described in the attached document.

Tax Credit Expenditure Guidelines


Gifts and Donations - Fund 530

This fund is used to account for the revenues and noncapital expenditures of gifts, donations,
bequests and private grants made to the district (A.R.S. §15-341.15).

Insurance Proceeds - Fund 550

This fund is used to account for the monies received from insurance claims and the related
expenditures. These funds are primarily for the replacement of capital facilities and equipment.

Textbooks - Fund 555

This fund is used to account for monies received from students to replace or repair lost or damaged
textbooks and library books, supplementary books or instructional computer software.

Indirect Costs - Fund 570

This fund is used to account for monies transferred from federal projects, including the Food
Service Fund, for administrative costs.

Unemployment Insurance – Fund 575

This fund is used by districts using the reimbursement (self-insured) method of accounting for
unemployment insurance contributions. Deposits are made into this fund based on an appropriate
percentage of salaries in various funds. When former employees draw upon their benefits,
expenditures are made from this fund to reimburse the Department of Economic Security.

Advertising - Fund 595

Fund 595 is used to record revenues from the sale of advertising space on the exterior of school
buses and on athletic facilities.

JTED - Fund 596

This fund is used to account for revenues received by member districts from Joint Technological and
Education Districts (JTED) for use in vocational education programs.

Bond Building - Fund 630

This fund is used to account for proceeds from the sale of bonds following a successful election.
The money is used to acquire land, purchase pupil transportation vehicles or pay contractors,
consultants, and equipment vendors providing materials and services for facility projects and
equipment as designated on an appropriate election ballot.

Debt Service - Fund 700

Accounts for the accumulation of property tax revenues used for, and the payment of, long-term debt
principal, interest and related costs.

Student Activities - Fund 850

This accounts for monies raised by the efforts of students in connection with activities of student
organizations and clubs. The district is simply the custodian for these funds.
The respective balances in these funds are provided in the following documents.

Student Activity Report Dec 2014

Internal Services - Funds 950-989

These funds are used to account for revenues and expenditures relating to providing services to
other school functions, other school districts, or governmental units. Districts may employ
personnel, purchase supplies and equipment and incur other necessary expenses related to the
operation of a district services program.

Intergovernmental Agreements - Fund 955

This fund is used by a fiscal agent to account for monies of an intergovernmental agreement (IGA).

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