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Sequence of Events and Timeline Leading Up to Merger

04/14/15  - Work Study Session: 
GCA Facilities Study
12/01/15 - Work Study Session:  GCA Location Options
GCA Permanent Facility Options
12/15/15 - Regular Board Meeting: GCA Semi-Final Options for Permanent Facility
01/26/16 - Regular Board Meeting: GCA Permanent Facility Options
02/24/16 - Public Hearing: Public Hearing Announcment
GCA Public Hearing Presentation
 03/22/16 - Public Hearing:  Public Hearing Announcement
 GCA Public Hearing Presentation
04/26/16 - Regular Board Meeting:
Governing Board approved a permanent facility for GCA that
Mesquite Junior High  School will become a shared facility to accommodate
the educational requirements and needs of the student population for
both schools.

08/19/16 - Work Study Session:
Campus Integration Plan Final Report
Architectural Studies/Suggestions for MJHS and GCA
 08/16/16 - Special Board Meeting:
Governing Board approved the Letter of Intent to begin
negotiations to purchase the adjacent property to
Mesquite Junior High School.

09/27/16 - Regular Board Meeting: Governing Board approved the purchase agreement for the
property adjacent to Mesquite Junior High School located at
302 S. Catalina Street.