Steps to Success program launched for new school year
Reenrollment effort seeks to put students back on path to success
Gilbert Public Schools and government officials who took part in the outreach effort.

By Eduardo Barraza
July 31, 2017

(Gilbert, Arizona)  -- A high school reenrollment program seeking to place students who drop out of school back on the path of graduation is extending its arm again this year to reach them. 

For the second year, Gilbert Public Schools put in motion the Steps to Success program, an outreach effort to reenroll high school seniors who did not graduate in May. 

Last week, Gilbert Public Schools staff, Town of Gilbert and City of Mesa officials and community members visited the homes of more than three dozen students who were unable to finish high school. 

Reenrolling 39 students is the goal, but the main intent behind it is to show them that the district and the community care about them finishing high school. 

Justine Ingram, who coordinates the Steps to Success program for Gilbert Public Schools, said the nearly 40 students are all seniors who were supposed to graduate last school year. 

In 2016, the effort to bring students back to school was focused on Canyon Valley High School students. The school was able to reenroll 10 students, seven of them whom graduated in May. 

This summer, the program reached out to kids from all six high schools in the district. 

“This time we decided to reach out to the entire district. We are visiting 39 homes; we are hoping to get at least 25 back in school,” said Ingram.

The Steps to Success program started in Tucson after being introduced by Mayor Jonathan Rothschild. After presenting it to the Town of Gilbert in 2006, Gilbert Public Schools decided to implement it.