GCA Advisory Committee
GCA Advisory Committee

Meeting Dates
Thursday, April 11
Thursday, April 25
Thursday May 16
Thursday May 30
Monday, July 8
Committee Members
Lily Tram, Governing Board Member
Jodie Dean, GCA Principal
Maureen Barnabas
Jacques Calixte
Wayne Cottam
Todd Elinski
Rob Guderian
Randy Eberhardt
Susan Keuter
Justin Plumb
Shane Stapley
Shaun Bowers
Annie Martinez
Adrianna Sanford
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Video Archive of Meetings
Meetings will be streamed live and will be available on demand at this link.
 GCA Advisory Committee Materials
Meeting April 2, 2013
Binder Information
History and Overview of GCA
Mission and Vision
GCA Enrollment History
GCA Enrollment 2007-2011
GCA Course Description Book
2012 - 2013
All GPS Schools
Map with Addresses
School Boundaries
High School
Open Enrollment
GCA Enrollment Numbers
GPS Open Enrollment Data
Floor Plans - All Schools
Strategic Plan
Meeting April 11, 2013

 Meeting April 25, 2013

 Meeting May 16, 2013

Meeting May 30, 2013

Meeting July 8, 2013
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