UPDATE:  February 23, 2015
AIMS High School Graduation Requirement Repealed;
No Testing Required February 23-25


Dear Gilbert Parents and Community Leaders,

Recently, Governor Ducey shared his Executive Budget for fiscal year 2015-2016. http://azgovernor.gov/governor/news/governor-doug-ducey-unveils-executive-budget.  His proposed budget includes a significant decrease to public school funding, which has caused me, along with Superintendents around the state, great concern about the financial, staffing and programming stability of our districts.

While the Governor has talked about increasing funds to the classroom, his proposal reflects a $113 million decrease in public school funding. What he has proposed is a decrease in non-classroom funding, to give the appearance of a greater percentage of district funds in the classroom.

While I understand that the State budget is stressed, a decrease in funding to public schools reflects a lack of commitment to the future workforce of this state and to local communities. The latest estimates from the National Education Association shows that for the 2012-2013 school year, Arizona ranks LAST in per pupil spending.  http://www.nea.org/home/rankings-and-estimates-2013-2014.html. A commitment to job growth in this State cannot occur without a commitment to public school education.

Discussions are underway at the State legislature, and the Gilbert community is represented by three key legislators that need to hear from you today. Call them or email them and share with them that cuts to our children’s education is non-negotiable and we are relying on them to represent our voice. 

Gilbert Public Schools is already facing an $8 million dollar operating budget deficit next year.  The Gilbert Board of Education met last week to discuss a strategy to protect the classroom, while addressing our $8 million deficit. If the Governor’s budget is approved, GPS would be forced to cut an additional $2 million – that is a $10 million decrease in operating dollars for next year. 

What does that mean for Gilbert Public Schools?  The district will need to look at taking drastic measures beyond our proposed cost reduction strategies, which could include reducing the number of employees, including classroom teachers; consolidating and closing schools; or reducing full day Kindergarten to half day.

Our schools are important to us and are vital to our community.  Please reach out to your state legislators today and to the Governor’s office to let them know that you want them to protect our greatest assets – our children, our future.

Legislators:  LD12

                    Rep. Edwin W. Farnsworth: efarnsworth@azleg.gov 

                    Rep. Warren H. Petersen: wpetersen@azleg.gov 

                    Sen. Andy Biggs: abiggs@azleg.gov 

                    LD 16

                    Rep. Kelly Townsend    ktownsend@azleg.gov

                    Rep. Doug Coleman          dcoleman@azleg.gov

                    Sen. David Farnsworth   dfarnsworth@azleg.gov

                    LD 17

                    Rep. Jeff Weninger            jweninger@azleg.gov

                    Rep. Javan D. Mesnard    jmesnard@azleg.gov

                    Sen. Steve Yarbrough       syarbrough@azleg.gov

                    Sen. Bob Worsley:           bworsley@azleg.gov
                    Rep. Russell Bowers:        rbowers@azleg.gov
                    Rep. Justin Olson             jolson@azleg.gov
Governor :   Doug Ducey:  602-542-4331 http://azgovernor.gov/governor/engage 

State Superintendent:   Diane Douglas: 602-542-5460 adeinbox@azed.gov

Thank you for your much needed support.

Christina M. Kishimoto, Superintendent
Gilbert Public Schools


It is the Year of the Yang! (click on the link below to read about the name confusion)
Happy New Year to all of our families and community members celebrating this Chinese New Year. 
 chinese new year  

Happy Presidents Day! 
Monday, February 16th is Presidents Day.  Three things you may not know about the holiday:  There is no universal agreement on the actual name of the holiday.  There is no universal agreement on which presidents are being honored.  There is no agreement as whether there is an apostrophe in "Presidents".  The U.S. Government officially calls this day "Washington's Birthday".  Washington's birthday, February 22nd, became a government holiday in 1885.  In 1971, the Uniform Monday Holiday Act shifted the holiday to the third monday of February to create more three day weekends for workers.  Today, many states across the country still focus on the lives of President Washington and President Lincoln, while other states choose to honor all Presidents past and present.
For more on the history of "Presidents Day" click on this link:  

State of the Schools  
 state of the schools state of the schools
Gilbert Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Christina M. Kishimoto gives her first State of the Schools Address.  Dr. Kishimoto talks about how GPS ranks nationally, where it stands financially, and the exciting changes ahead to make GPS a national leader in education. To watch the address, click on this link.

Black History Month
February is Black History Month 
It was chosen to coincide with the birthdays of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln.
Black History Facts:
Hiram Rhodes Revels was the first African American ever elected to the United States Senate.  He represented Mississippi from 1870-1871.
In 1967, Thurgood Marshall became the first African American ever appointed to the United States Supreme Court.  He served until 1991. 
Shirley Chisholm was the first African American woman elected to the House of Representatives.  She represented New York in 1986 and in 1972 became the first African American candidate and the first female candidate for president of the United States.  
In 1947, Jackie Robinson signed with the Dodgers and became the first African American player to play on a major league team.  
For events celebrating Black History Month click on this link.

HEALTH ALERT - Update! Wednesday, February 11, 2015
The attached link has been issued by the Gilbert Public Schools' Health Services Department  on February 11, 2015, to update parents and the general public on the status of the measles here in Arizona.

Attention:  Certified and Support Staff
February 4, 2015

In an ongoing effort to share the details of the proposed stepless salary schedule transition, you are invited to attend any of the meetings noted below:


Certified Staff:   

Thursday, 2/19 from 4-5pm @ Mesquite High School Lecture Hall

 Thursday, 3/5 from 4:30-5:30pm @ Highland High School Lecture Hall


Support Staff:
Tuesday, 3/3 from 4-5pm @ Greenfield Jr High School Library

Wednesday, 3/18 from 4-5pm @ Mesquite Jr High School Auditorium


At Gilbert Public Schools, we believe that for a preschooler, the road to knowledge is exploration. Kindergarten Prep transforms learning into a walk of discovery, offering safe and exciting opportunities for experimentation, challenge and fun at every turn! Kindergarten Prep is proud to offer Houghton Mifflin curriculum. 

Thank You to the Mesquite Choir for your caroling!  An extremely talented group - with a special guest appearance by a GPS Board Member... check out the link below:

'Tis the season!!
Thank you to the Campo Verde Choir for performing Christmas Carols for us at the District! Such amazing talent! #gps#campoverdechoir 

Swearing-In Day for GPS Board Members
Newly elected board member Charles Santa Cruz and re-elected board member Jill Humpherys have taken their oath of office.   

Outstanding Recognition!   Congrats to Burk Elementary, Patterson Elementary, Pioneer Elementary, Superstition Springs Elementary.  
Mr. Brad Paes and his Burk team presented at the Arizona’s Rising Stars Mega Conference in Tucson on Tuesday, November 18. The title of their presentation was, "All Students Can Learn...Everyday!" Burk was chosen to present because of the outstanding achievements they've accomplished as a Title I School, as well as receiving an "A" rating 3 years in a row. During 2011-2012, Burk partnered with the Beat The Odds Program. They embraced “The Six Keys To Success” and devised an Action Plan to be an “A” school in order to ensure student achievement for all. They embrace the notion that all students can learn and be successful students! They were honored to share their Mission and Goals with the entire State of Arizona!

Helping The Hungry 
Desert Ridge Junior High Students, Staff and families donated a massive amount of food today to the United Food Bank.  This is the 13th year the school has made such an awesome contribution.  They are hoping to break last year's record of more than 36,000 pounds of food!  A mountain of rice bags, barrels and barrels of canned goods, and cases of water lined the hallway today, ready to be loaded onto the Food Bank semi-trailer.  Students brought their muscle to help load the enormous boxes.  

Budget Mitigation
The link below will take you to a video presentation regarding the GPS Budget Mitigation.  This was a presentation given by CFO Jeff Gadd to the Parent Dialogue Committee.  It is the raw, unedited video and may answer many of the questions you may  have.   

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