Clubs & Activities

Club / Activity Description Advisors
Oceanography Club: For 5th Graders Students can join this club to learn about ocean zones and animals that live in them. They will learn about echinoderms, fish senses, the importance of whale blubber, and more! On a California trip (if students choose to pay for and attend it), they will go to San Diego overnight, where they will be immersed in the year 1774. Students spend the night on a ship acting as sailors during the Revolutionary War time period. The next day, students go to the ocean to interact with ocean wildlife. Mrs. Blakely, Mrs. Gifford, Mr. Gutknecht, & Mrs. Schmitz
STUCO Club: For 4th-6th Graders STUCO offers students the opportunity to help with morning announcements, school events, and managing money. STUCO members are responsible for handling the school flags correctly and helping with PRIDE assembly set-up and fun teacher challenges during the assemblies. They keep the students informed of upcoming events, and the 6th graders have the opportunity to run for one of five executive board member positions with additional responsibility. STUCO members make our school an engaging place! Mr. Sawyer & Mrs. Gifford
Yearbook Club: For 5th & 6th Graders Yearbook Club meets before school on select Wednesdays from September through February. Students are elected to be in Yearbook after getting teacher recommendation forms filled out. They receive permission to use cameras to take pictures at school events, on spirit days, and at recess. The pictures are uploaded, and the kids are assigned pages to produce. They work together to make each page of the yearbook look unique, yet cohesive. The final product is then produced for families to purchase. Mrs. Gifford & Mr. Weigley
Junior Choir: For 1st-3rd Graders & Senior Choir: For 4th-6th Graders With a focus on fun and nurturing the blossoming musician within each student, Junior and Senior choirs emphasize many musical skills. They will also focus on increasing music listening skills, strengthening basic elements of music theory through movement, cultivating a joy for singing in ensemble, and increasing confidence on stage in front of an audience! Junior Choir students meet on Tuesday mornings, and Senior Choir students meet on Thursday mornings. Mrs. Rowley
Running Club: For 2nd-6th Graders Running Club is an after-school program where kids can improve their overall health and fitness while also getting a chance to make new friends. Students will be able to spend time with other Canyon Rim cougars after school on Mondays from November to February. All Running Club members will also have the chance to participate in four track meets throughout the season! Mr. Foster
Recorder Club Recorder Club expands what 4th graders are learning in Music and encourages 5th and 6th graders to continue with what they have learned in previous years. We have a minimum of two performances throughout the year. These include shows at the Gilbert District Art Show and the Canyon Rim Talent Show. We meet Wednesday mornings before school to play recorders, learn new songs, and play games. A five dollar donation is requested to raise money for purchasing recorders and music for the group. Ms. Hanson