Recording Attendance at GPS Global Academy

  • In Arizona online schools, each student's attendance is based on how many total minutes they work on their coursework over the course of the school year. Arizona Revised Statute 15-808 and 15-901 set the required minutes for each grade level as:

    Grade Range Annual instructional hours required Annual instructional minutes required Average daily required minutes
    Kindergarten 356 21,360 119
    1st - 3rd grade 712 42,720 238
    4th - 8th grade 890 53,400 297
    9th - 12th grade 900 54,000 300

     GPS Global Academy requires students to complete the required number of minutes based on their grade level. Possible consequences for failing to keep up with the daily required minutes include reassignment to a brick and mortar campus, suspension, and retention.


  • For 1st - 6th grade students: Your teacher will record all of your attendance. Be sure to attend all live classes in order to be counted!

    Students must attend at least 90% of the live lessons hosted by their teacher. Students who do not consistently attend all live class sessions may be dropped from Global Academy and reassigned to their home school. 


As students progress through their coursework they will find activities labeled "Submit Attendance" embedded throughout. Upon completing these very short activities, credit for their time will be tabulated in our systems. Parents will receive weekly progress reports and emails, text messages, and phone calls if their student is not meeting the attendance requirements.

Check out the video below showing how to submit your attendance:

(Double-click to open the video in a larger window)