Half-Day Kindergarten at Burk Elementary

  • GPS offers a half-day kindergarten option at Burk Elementary.

    Half-day kindergarten provides the core kindergarten curriculum in a morning half-day format. The program focuses on preparing students for success in 1st grade and offers opportunities for students to attend classes such as art and music towards the end of the school year as part of an extended day.

    Half-day kindergarten is open to kindergarten age students within GPS boundaries and beyond. Transportation is provided.

    Burk Elementary is a highly supportive school environment with an 'A' rating from the Arizona Department of Education. 

    • Support is provided for the whole child, and class sizes are small.
    • Highly qualified, certified teacher with Instructional Assistant for additional student support.
    • Open to Kindergarten age students within GPS boundaries and beyond.
    • 1/2 day Kindergarten delivers the core Kindergarten curriculum in a half-day compressed format and is offered at Burk Elementary, in the AM.
    • Towards the end of the school year the program provides extended day opportunities to attend classes such as art and music, and lunch in the cafeteria, to prepare for first grade.


  • We are excited to welcome your kindergartner to Burk Elementary! To learn more about our school please take a look around our website and if you would like, please schedule a tour.

Kindergarten Events Happening Now & You're Invited!

Kindergarten Readiness Events for Families

    • Schedule a School Tour - Please take the opportunity to schedule a tour at any of our elementary schools to learn more about their Kindergarten offerings, meet the Principal and teachers, and tour the campus.
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