Kindergarten Events

  • Gilbert Elementary is hosting a Kindergarten Scavenger Hunt for incoming families on Wednesday, April 26, at 5 pm. Families can gather information about Gilbert Elementary and our Dual Language Spanish Immersion program.

    Additionally, families will have the opportunity to meet teachers and participate in a scavenger hunt.

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  • We are excited to welcome your kindergartner to Gilbert Elementary! To learn more about our school please take a look around our website and if you would like, please schedule a tour.

Dual Language Spanish Immersion

  • Gilbert Elementary offers families the unique opportunity to enroll their children in a dual language program from kindergarten through 5th grade.

    This program allows students the advantage of learning their grade-level content in two languages, English and Spanish. The focus of the program is to develop culturally responsive, active learners who are intellectually challenged and engaged.

    What is Dual Language?
    Dual language is a bilingual education model that uses English and a partner language (Spanish at Gilbert) for 50% of instructional time.  These programs generally begin in kindergarten and roll up one grade level per year.  A clear separation of languages is essential with a commitment to stay in the target language and encourage students to use that target language during target language time as well.  Having a clear articulation of the program will also ensure its success.  

    The Dual Language Philosophy 
    Dual language at GPS will prepare students for full participation in the global economy.  Using the research-based dual language instructional model, participating students develop proficiency in two languages while learning grade-level academic content.

    Program Benefits

    • Enhanced Cognitive Skills: By being immersed in two languages throughout the academic school day, dual language students develop 3-4 strong modalities (learning styles), similar to gifted students.  Dual language students develop cognitive flexibility, demonstrating increased attention control, better memory, and superior problem-solving skills as well as an enhanced understanding of their primary language.  
    • Strong Second Language Skills:  Dual language students graduate their programs being bilingual, bi-literate in two languages.
    • Global Economy Participation: This program model is the only one that allows for students to reach levels of language proficiency needed for full participation in the global economy.
    • Enhanced Cultural Sensitivity: Culture and language are interrelated.  Therefore, students participating in the dual language program develop intercultural competence, meaning they learn to use language appropriately in different cultural contexts. Students become adept at accepting and becoming comfortable with others' differences.

Kindergarten Events Happening Now & You're Invited!

  • All 26 elementary schools are hosting Kindergarten events to welcome new families and students onto our campuses, where you can meet the teachers, tour the school, and prepare for Kinder!  Learn more about your local elementary and all of the different options available to you and your family throughout our district.

    To find your local school, visit

    To learn about all the Kindergarten choices in our district click on the links below:

    To find out the dates of Kindergarten events, please visit the school website.


    Kindergarten FAQs

Kindergarten Readiness Events for Families

    • Pave the Path for GPS Preschoolers -  Children currently enrolled in a GPS preschool program at our elementary schools will participate in the ‘Pave the Path’ experience the week of March 27-31, allowing them a chance to spend time in a kindergarten classroom interacting with kindergarten students and teachers.  If your student is currently in one of our preschool programs, please look out for communications from your school.
    • Kindergarten Readiness (Pre-Kindergarten Parents and students Event), April 12, 6 pm to 8 pm, Community Education - Parents of soon-to-be kindergartners can attend this GPS Parent University course on April 12 from 6 pm to 8 pm at our Community Education building. Parents will be taught some engaging, hands-on learning activities that they can replicate at home to help their children become successful members of a classroom community. 
    • PreK - All the Way! - This summer program supports families whose children are entering kindergarten and have never attended preschool. Children will follow a preschool routine, doing activities that support learning and the development of fine motor skills. Registration opens in the spring.  Visit our website to learn more.
    • Schedule a Tour - Please take the opportunity to schedule a tour at any of our elementary schools to learn more about their Kindergarten offerings, meet the Principal and teachers, and tour the campus.