• What is BGA?

    • BGA is an academic advisory opportunity for everyone. We will meet once a week for 45 minutes each Wednesday. BGA teachers will be there to monitor your grades, ensure you are completing missing assignments, and check your attendance.  
    • During that time you are expected to work on missing assignments, complete homework, attend assigned tutoring (in math or science), make up tests/quizzes (with appropriate pass), and read silently.
    • This is NOT a time to catch up on social media. Cell phones are prohibited during BGA.


    • Respect : Respect yourself, classmates, teachers, classroom property, and the classroom environment. 
    • Productivity: Focus on assignments, complete homework and make-up work.
    • Responsibility: Be a responsible scholar at all times.  Come to class prepared (with pencil, paper and the right attitude).  Follow classroom expectations.
    • Punctuality: Be on time.


    • “D” grades hurt GPAs and put you in jeopardy of failing
    • “F” grades will cause you to lose credits needed for graduation
    • Low grades/GPA jeopardize eligibility 
    • Mandatory lunch tutoring 
    • Parent contact
    • Content teacher contact
    • Administration contact
    • Procrastination and lack of work completion can have detrimental mental health consequences.

    BGA Student Responsibilities

              Prior to class:

    • Determine homework/make-up work that needs completion
    • Have homework/make-up work/materials ready for BGA
    • Collect necessary pass from science or math teacher for tutoring (if applicable)
    • Collect necessary pass from other content teachers for test and quiz make-up (if applicable).

    During BGA

    • Complete homework
    • Complete missing assignments
    • Attend assigned tutoring (math or science)
    • Makeup tests or quizzes (with appropriate pass)
    • Study for upcoming tests
    • Sustained silent reading

    BGA Advisor Responsibilities

    • Conference with BGA students
    • Make sure BGA students are working on necessary assignments
    • Check BGA students’ grades, attendance, and missing assignments
    • Triage grades and missing assignments with students.  
    • Give each student a clear path to manage work and improve grades.  Recommend tutoring from core area teachers and peer tutoring in the library.
    • Encourage students to utilize resources such as Khan Academy and Virtual Nerd.
    • Contact BGA students’ teachers and parents about grades, attendance, and missing assignments