• Global Academy coursework can be completed on any computer with internet access and the Google Chrome browser. Our classes can be accessed from anywhere within the United States, but access is restricted outside the country.

    We are pleased to be able to offer computers to students who do not have access to a suitable computer at home.

    Global Academy Chromebook Check-Out policy: 

    • Students in grades 7-12 will be issued one Chromebook and one power cord. 
    • If the device and/or power cord is lost or damaged, the student will be required to create a Chromebook Service request form. Parents can purchase a $25 Device Protection Plan for the year to minimize the potential repair and/or replacement costs associated with the device. 
    • Parents and students who choose NOT to purchase the Device Protection Plan are responsible for 100% of all repair and replacement costs for the device. Repair prices are estimates, as exact cost for each repair will be made upon further inspection of the damaged device. Damage levels and costs can be found in the Student Device Handbook. 
    • If the Chromebook has been stolen, a police report must be filed by the parent/guardian within 24 hours upon discovery of the theft. A copy of the police report needs to be turned into the school. The student will not be issued another Chromebook until the issue has been resolved. 

    It is possible that students may find material on the Internet that parents consider objectionable. Although students may be supervised when they use the Internet, this does not guarantee that students will not access inappropriate materials. GPS guidelines for accessing the Internet prohibit access to material that is inappropriate in the school environment. Students should report inappropriate access of material to a teacher, other staff persons, or their parents. Parents are encouraged to discuss responsible use of the Internet with their children and how this responsibility includes using the Internet at school, as well as from home.

    Please refer to the Student Device Handbook for specific policies regarding Chromebook use and care.