Honors Program

  • Gilbert Public Schools Junior High Honors courses are designed and implemented to demand more challenging involvement on the part of students.  The coursework is significantly more rigorous than their standard course counterpart and provides students multiple opportunities to take greater ownership of their learning.  

    Honors courses are distinguished by differences in the quality and composition of their course work, not by the quantity of the work required.  Honors courses are designed for students who have demonstrated a high level of interest and academic achievement in a given subject area.  Students and parents should understand that Honors courses are more demanding and have requirements beyond those of standard, grade-level courses.

    Honors Courses:

    • Contain additional depth and breadth of content
    • Are taught at a more rapid pace
    • Are aligned to subject-area state standards
    • Often integrate two or more different content areas
    • Are inquiry-based
    • Require content application through research
    • Emphasize critical and reflective thinking

    Indicators of Honors Level Student Readiness:

    • Demonstrates interest and curiosity in the subject area
    • Previous attainment of prerequisite skills and vocabulary in the subject area.
    • Motivation remains high in face of challenges. (High frustration threshold.)
    • Reads above grade-level
    • Self-motivated, well-organized, and apt to work independently for extended periods.
    • Demonstrates ability to self-advocate, seeking help and guidance when needed.
    • Consistently completes and submits assignments on time.
    • Actively participates in class activities and discussions with appropriate peer interactions.
    • Extends learning by voluntarily going beyond the parameters of the assignment.
    • Enjoys learning, Making connections between subjects and with the larger world.

    The guiding principles of our Honors Program are based on the expectation that all students can perform at rigorous academic levels, and that students should be continuously challenged to expand their knowledge and skills to the next level.  The emphasis with Honors courses is that students and parents make the commitment to the additional effort required.  Therefore, it is an expectation that students complete the year in the level (standard or Honors) in which they enroll.  Based on instructional best practice and the limitations of the master schedule, we do not support midterm changes in course level.

    Please note: Honors Math 8 (Honors Algebra) is a high school level course and the grade will go on the student’s high school transcript.

    Placement in the Honors program is based on priority and space availability.

    To be considered for placement in the Honors program, you must submit documentation of eligibility in ONE of the two categories below.

    Option 1: Any student with a CoGAT score of a 90 or higher. Documentation must be provided.

    Option 2: Must meet 3 out of the 4 requirements below: - Scoring HIGHLY PROFICIENT on AzMERIT. - Eight (8) consecutive quarters of A's or B's in that subject area. - Teacher Recommendation (based on the following): Strong work ethic, intrinsic motivation, grasps concepts quickly, willingness to seek additional assistance outside of class time. - Scoring HIGHLY PROFICIENT on the EOY (End of Year) District Level Assessment Performance.

    HJHS Honors Application

    Honors Teacher Recommendation