Parental Assistance

  • GPS is doing everything we can to ensure our continued success in terms of student achievement, but we know we cannot do it alone. Continued parent support makes all the difference in our success.

    What can parents do to help?

    • Send students to school: The State Accountability System incorporates the requirement that each school retains at least a 94% attendance rate. GPS will ensure that each school is a safe, welcoming environment, and parents can assist by sending students to school unless there is illness. Planning vacations, trips, etc., outside of the school schedule will make all the difference.
    • Send students to school on state testing days: The State Accountability System incorporates the requirement that GPS test at least 95% of all students, and 95% of each subgroup of our population. GPS will offer test make-up dates for all grade levels, but parents’ assistance in making sure that students are in attendance on these important days is imperative.
    • Provide students with a positive attitude towards school, education, and testing: Parents influence the motivation of students to do well in the classroom and on state and district tests. If parents impress upon students the importance of education and the role of testing in monitoring individual student’s achievement and the quality of education provided by the school, students will perform better and be more successful.
    • Impress upon students the importance of attaining a high school education, and the limitations on future success without a high school diploma: Our high schools’ accountability profile requires that we maintain our high graduation rate and low dropout rate. GPS will continue to provide the variety in high school courses to motivate students to follow their interests and stay in school until graduation. Parents, however, can influence a student’s decision to stay in school, which helps promote high expectations for their child’s future.