• Our elementary schools use cluster and replacement models to serve gifted students in grades K–6. These programs support our students who are identified as gifted through testing (CogAt or IQ) or twice exceptional.  Gifted students are academically-talented students who excel in their ability to think and reason and need academic challenges beyond the regular classroom setting to address the needs of the whole child.

Cluster Classroom Support

  • The cluster model is offered at all GPS elementary schools, K-6 grades - Gifted students are clustered into mixed-ability classrooms while receiving instruction and support on a daily basis from teachers who understand and are trained in the learning needs of gifted students. 

    All of our schools provide Gifted Cluster classrooms.

    • Identified gifted students are clustered into mixed-ability classrooms.
    • Classroom compositions are carefully structured with two main goals: to ensure a balance of ability and achievement throughout the grade level and, secondly, to reduce the learning range found in any classroom.
    • The Gifted Cluster Model provides a structure wherein gifted students receive differentiated curriculum and instruction in content areas on a daily basis by teachers who understand the learning needs of gifted students.
    • The gifted cluster teacher participates in training that addresses the learning and affective needs of gifted students.

Pullout/Content Replacement

  • The replacement model is offered at 23 elementary schools to 4-6 grade students. - Gifted students are provided with gifted math and ELA instruction.  Gifted math for 4-6 graders includes instruction each day, one year above the student’s grade level.  Gifted ELA for 6th graders includes instruction each day with the gifted teacher.  All gifted teachers are highly qualified and have a gifted endorsement.

    Most of our schools provide intermediate gifted math and ELA yet some expand gifted services to include other grade levels. 

    • Gifted math includes direct instruction each day. The math curriculum will be accelerated one year above their actual grade level.
    • Gifted ELA uses the adopted text, ReadyGEN, each day. The curriculum will be enriched to meet the instructional needs of students, in addition to instructional practices that include critical and higher-order thinking questions.
    • The gifted teachers plan appropriately challenging instruction for their gifted students. This may involve acceleration, enrichment, and extended learning opportunities targeted to develop each student’s full potential.
    • All gifted teachers are highly qualified and have a gifted endorsement on their teaching certificate.
Last Modified on January 4, 2024