What is Distance Learning?

  • Students currently enrolled at a "brick and mortar" campus may opt to take courses online in addition to their normal class load. The work for these classes generally takes place outside of normal school hours. The courses are usually taught by online instructors. This option could be suitable for students wanting to take an advanced subject or recover credits. 

    All decisions regarding distance learning should be discussed with your campus counselor. These courses are not for everyone!

Is Online Learning For Me?

  • Is Online Learning For Me?

    Online learning is not for everyone, but if you can answer YES to the following questions, online learning may be for you:

    • Do I enjoy being a self-taught learner?
    • Do I enjoy reading and doing assignments from a computer?
    • Do I have 2 hours a day to spend working on my course?
    • Am I motivated to get my school work done on time?

    If you answered YES to the above questions, online learning may be for you.

  • Need help deciding? Let us help choose the right model for you. Click here.

Registering for Classes

  • Registration

    Registration for these courses will be completed by individual schools, not Global Academy. Contact your counselor who will coordinate registration.

    To see the course options, click here

Course Information

  • Course information
    • Students will have up to 9 weeks to complete their course and take their final exam.
    • Students will need to complete weekly assignments and stay on pace to be able to continue in their online course.
    • If a student is dropped from a course because of inactivity or lack of progress in the course, the student will need to email GAonline@gilbertschools.net, within two weeks of being dropped from the course to request to be readmitted in the course.  Failure to email Global Academy within two weeks will result in the course being officially dropped.
    • Students that are potential NCAA student athletes will need to discuss their status with their counselor. At this time, GA Online core courses (English, Math, Social Studies, Science) are approved by the NCAA, but you and your counselor will be responsible for ensuring you meet the eligibility and scholarship guidelines.

Payment Information

  • Payment Information
    • Instructions on how to pay for the online course will be emailed to the parent within 5 business days from receipt of registration.
    • There will be a $160 tuition fee for each additional course above the district-provided maximum of 6 courses. Generally, if the online course taken within the school day, as part of a student’s schedule, there is no charge.
    • Payment will be accepted using the InTouch payment system using a debt or credit card or by Cashier's Check/Money Order. This system is available via a link in the Infinite Campus parent portal.
    • Any fees assessed will need to be paid within five business days after payment instructions have been emailed to you. If fees are not paid, the student will be suspended from accessing the online course.

Course Drop Policy

  • Drop Policy
    • If you choose to drop a course within 30 days of enrollment, it will be dropped without grade penalty. Any drops made after 30 days of enrollment will result in a W/F (Withdraw/Fail) grade on the transcript. This grade will be replaced once the student completes the class.
    • To receive a full course refund (not including any bank processing fee), parent must email GAonline@gilbertschools.net a drop request within FIVE business days of the course beginning.  Please include the student's full name, ID#, course name and Drop Request in the subject line.  Please allow up to 3 weeks for processing.

Submitting Attendance

  • If you are a full-time Global Academy student or are a distance learner taking an online course on top of your normal class load, you will need to submit attendance. Click the following link for a quick tutorial on how to take attendance.

    If you do not submit attendance regularly, you may be suspended from accessing the course until the information is brought up to date.


    How to Submit Attendance