• What could the 15% override budget increase do for Gilbert Public Schools students?

2019 Override FAQs

  • Why is Gilbert Public Schools asking to increase the current override by 5% to 15%?

  • Do other school districts have a 15% override in place?

  • Didn’t Gilbert Public Schools just put an override in place?

  • What has the district done with the last override and bond funds?

  • What will happen if the override is not approved?

  • Where will the cuts come from?

  • Why is Gilbert Public Schools funded less than other school districts?

  • If the override is approved, how will taxes be affected?

  • How are my property taxes calculated?

  • What is the difference between an override and a budget increase?

  • How do I vote in this election?

  • What is the last day to mail your ballot?

  • Tax calculation graphic from Community Impact

Last Modified on September 30, 2019