Fall Senior Timeline

  • College and Career Presentations

    Stay On Track: Keeping Your Senior (and You) Focused on High School Transition



    • Meet with a counselor and discuss credits (Senior English Class)
      • High school graduation requirements- 22 credits
      • Online classes- do you need to take one?
      • University requirements- 16 credits
      • What is your CORE GPA?
      • Do you have any “I” incompletes on your transcripts? 
    • Meet with the College and Career Coordinator
      • What do you want to do after high school?
      • College/University/Tech School/Job training
      • Get your path started, if not already
      • Scholarships and how to pay for school/training                                        


    • Questions? Email your counselor
    • Sign up for an online class (if not completed in August)
    • Register for any standardized tests you plan on taking (ACT or SAT).  
    • Make sure that you meet all of the requirements for the schools you’d like to apply to and double-check deadlines.  
    • Give out recommendation forms to teachers and counselors with a personal info sheet 
    • If you’re applying early decision most deadlines are between October 1st and November 1st. 
    • Stop by the Career Center to find out about scholarships



    • Do you have a score to get into your school of choice? If not, sign up to take the SAT or ACT
    • When signing up to take the ACT or SAT, make sure you indicate that you want your official scores sent by the testing agencies to your school(s) of choice.
    • Get started on admissions essays. Give your essays to others for feedback. 
    • Fill out your FAFSA  FAFSA IS NOT A STUDENT LOAN APPLICATION. Many colleges and universities require a submitted FAFSA in order to distribute any financial aid or scholarship money, including academic scholarships.



    • Submit your college admissions applications. Check them thoroughly. Having someone else review your application can help you check for errors.  
    • Be sure to consult with the Career Center Coordinator about scholarship opportunities.
    • Check with the financial aid office of the school(s) you are applying to for specific information and costs for tuition, room & board, and any additional financial aid info they require.



    • Make sure your test scores are being sent to the colleges to which you’re applying.
    • If you submitted an application for early decision, keep an eye out for a decision letter. Early decision letters usually arrive in December.
    • Study for your finals here at DRHS!
Last Modified on March 26, 2021