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Start/Update Your Résumé

  • Start and keep your résumé updated! One of the early steps in preparing for a job and/or scholarship search is the development of a high-quality résumé that represents your skills, experience, and educational attainments. Your résumé is the document that will either attract an employer/scholarship provider to call you in for an interview or will block you from having that opportunity.

    AZCIS Resources - Making a Résumé (pdf) | Résumé Guidelines (pdf) | Résumé Help (pdf)

    Begin to compile information for your resume including any Activities, GPA, class rank, special programs, internships, and school awards from your time in high school. You can save all of this information in AZCIS’s Résumé Builder which will make updating your résumé a breeze.

    Additional Resources -  High School Résumé Guide and Examples | Résumé Companion | Résumé Genius | Create a Resume in Google Docs

AZCIS - Employability Skills Assessment

  • The Workplace Employability Skills Self-Assessment can help you evaluate your employability skills. The nine workplace employability skills are listed below:

    • Complex Communication Skills
    • Collaboration Skills
    • Thinking and Innovation Skills
    • Professionalism Skills
    • Initiative and Self-Direction Skills
    • Intergenerational and Cross-Cultural Competence Skills
    • Organizational Culture Skills
    • Legal and Ethical Practices Skills
    • Financial Practices Skills

    Login to AZCIS through Clever > Assessments > Workplace Employability Skills

Job Shadowing and Mentorship

  • Gilbert Chamber of Commerce

    High school and college students may apply to be matched with a professional who can provide an inside look at the student's career of interest. The Gilbert Chamber Foundation collects student applications twice each year for program cycles in the winter and summer. Each student and mentor can work at their own pace to accomplish between 16 and 20 hours of career shadowing and all mentors and students come together for a closing reception at the end of each cycle.

    Gilbert Chamber of Commerce: Partners in Progress | Job Shadowing Application

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