• Freshman Year Success Guide THRIVE Gilbert Public Schools

Keep Track of Your Activities & Accomplishments

  • It is important to remember to keep track of everything you do now and the activities you are involved in – in and out of school. 

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    you could earn scholarship money for college every time you got a good grade in high school?

    you could also earn money by playing sports, participating in school clubs, being a leader, volunteering in the community, and more?!

    Now, you can! You can earn money (scholarships) to pay for college by doing things that will improve your chances of getting into many colleges and universities.

    Every time you achieve a goal like getting good grades or doing extracurricular activities, you can earn micro-scholarships that begin adding up as early as 9th grade. Raise.me lets you keep track of your achievements and the money you earn in the form of micro-scholarships — and helps you learn what you can do to earn even more at many colleges and universities. 

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  • Sophomore Year - Get Started and THRIVE

Finish the Semester Strong & Study for Your Finals

  • Keep up your good study habits! If you are struggling at any time: 1st-Consult your teacher, 2nd-Seek tutoring assistance, and 3rd-Consult your Counselor.

    Take advantage of any teacher or school-wide study sessions. Do not wait till the very last week to get help in a subject you may be struggling with. If you feel like a class is particularly easy for you, help out a friend and be a tutor. Teaching peers can only help solidify learning the material for you, too.

SMART Goals Worksheet & Information

  • SMART Goal Worksheet (doc)

    A Brief Guide to SMART Goal Setting!

    A SMART goal is a goal that is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time based. In other words, a goal that is very clear and easily understood.

    The goal must clearly state what is to be achieved, by whom, where and when it is to be achieved. Sometimes it may even state why that goal is important.

    Measurability applies to both the end result and the milestones along the way to attaining a goal. It answers the question of quantity – how much, how often, how many? The milestones are signs along the way that will tell you that you are on the right track to achieving your goal.

    You should ensure that the goals you set are achievable. You must believe that you can manage to do what you are setting out to do. If you set goals that are unbelievable even to yourself it is very unlikely you will achieve them.

    Your goals must be relevant to what you want to achieve in the short term and the long term.

    This sometimes overlaps with the goal being Specific, but it aims to ensure that you put a time-frame to your goals.

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