• Welcome To Stories


    It is our mission to create a culture of warmth and belonging for all of our students and faculty. It is our belief that our library is a special space within Gilbert High School that not only serves as an instrument in support of education but also that of community. It is our collective behavior within this special space that enables us to foster an environment that we may all learn in and enjoy. We respectfully request that everyone:

    Use Our Space as Intended
    Please do not loiter in the library. This space is intended for studying, research,  hosting of community-based events, and college and career advising. 

    Be Considerate of Others
    Loud or unreasonable noise is not tolerated.

    Communicate Respectfully
    Obscene, harassing, and abusive language and/ or gestures are unacceptable. 

    Act Responsibly
    Violating any of our school rules or regulations is strictly prohibited. 

    Those not contributing to our culture of warmth and belonging will be asked to change their behavior to support the environment or be asked to leave.