• The Gilbert High School library prides itself on offering an array of various resources and tools for students to utilize while conducting research. Apart from our large reference collection shelved within our library, we also offer a substantial amount of resources that students and faculty may access online. 


    Our resources include:Ebsco Host

    EBSCO Explora

    The Literary Reference Center

    EBSCO Host E-books

    Points of View 

    The History Reference Center

    NoveList Plus

    The Biography Reference Center

    The Poetry and Short Story Reference Center

    The Science Reference Center

    Directions for accessing EBSCO Online

    Login to your Rapid Identity page.

    Select the EBSCO icon from your menu

    To search all 27 databases listed, select EBSCOHost from the top of the list.

    To select a specialized database for your research topic, simply check the related database from the list.


    Hot Tips for EBSCO Database Searching:

    -If your search term has more than one word, enclose it in “quotations” so it will be searched as a phrase instead of individual words. 

    -Remember that when using a database you cannot use full-text searching as you can on Google. 

    -Utilize “limiters” located on the left of your screen to specify search criteria and narrow down the search results.