In-Person Secondary Summer School Procedures and Expectations

  • Gilbert Public Schools Secondary Summer School is a fast-paced, rigorous option for students to recover lost credits and obtain new ones. The expectation in this program is that students are on time daily, attending all classes, prepared to learn and participate in class.

    By signing up and paying for summer school, you agree to abide by these regulations as well as all others proscribed by Gilbert Public Schools. Failure to do so may result in removal from summer school without refund.

Attendance & Tardies

  • Students are only allowed one absence per session.  

    • Session 1:  June 7th - June 18th, 2021
    • Session 2:  June 21st - July 2nd, 2021

    Summer School is rigorous and moves quickly. We do not recommend that students miss any days for summer school as sessions are very condensed.  

    Missing class for a second time will result in the student being withdrawn and losing credit. No refunds are issued for attendance credit loss.

    Students need to be on time daily. Any tardy 10 minutes of greater is counted as an absence.  Leaving more than 10 minutes early is counted as an absence. Three tardies or early check-outs (10 minutes or less each) equals one absence. 

Code of Conduct

  • Students are expected to follow the Gilbert Public Schools Student Code of Conduct and Expectations Policies in Summer School.  Students will sign our district awareness contract and our electronic policy when attending Summer School. For more information on these policies please visit our Governing Board website. 

    The possession or use of tobacco products, tobacco substitutes, electronic cigarettes, or other chemical inhalation devices or vapor products (vape pens) is prohibited.  The nonmedical use, possession, sale, or distribution of drugs or alcohol, being under the influence of drugs or alcohol or possession of drug paraphernalia is also prohibited.  Any student found using, possessing, distributing, selling, or intending to purchase or sell any of these prohibited devices or substances will be immediately withdrawn from summer school.  No refund will be issued. 

Dress Code

  • Shirts and tops must have straps at least two inches wide and not expose midriffs or be too low cut in the front, back, or under the arms. Halter-tops and shirts with spaghetti straps are not appropriate. Clothing may not be made of see-through fabric. Clothing must cover the entire buttocks and a modest area of the legs. Undergarments should not exposed.

    Clothing, backpacks, binders or other accessories, jewelry, bracelets, or skin markings (temporary or permanent) with symbols or negative messages are not allowed at school. Jewelry and ornamental accessories such as chains, spiked collars, or spiked wristbands are not allowed, as they present a safety hazard to self and/or others.

    Clothing items identified by a school administrator and/or a law enforcement official as negative or gang affiliated and/or carry the potential to create intimidation and violence will not be allowed. The following are also not allowed:

    • Tattered and torn clothing
    • Hats that are altered from their original forms
    • Tank top underwear
    • Trench coats
    • Hair nets, do-rags
    • Bandanas worn in an inappropriate manner
    • Clothing with gang names, slang street names
    • Clothing that references drug/alcohol markings
    • Clothing that displays inappropriate messages
    • Contact lenses that distract from the educational process

    In the interest of student safety, appropriate shoes must be worn at all times. Bare feet are not allowed. Shoes with wheels (Heelys) are not allowed in District buildings.

    Body piercings that pose a safety hazard or distract from the educational process are disallowed.

    School administrators will make the final decision regarding the appropriateness of any student's appearance.