Recommendations for Incoming 9th Graders

  • Students entering 9th grade in the fall have specific recommendations for summer school:

  • Junior High Courses

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    - Any assigned junior high recovery course (assigned by your student's JH counselor because they need to take it in order to be promoted to high school)

    - Algebra Prep Course - Not for credit - Designed for 8th graders who struggled in math [not offered online]

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  • High School Courses (for HS Credit)

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    - Spanish IA and IB [elective credit]

    - World Studies A and B  [History & Social Sciences credit]

    - Online PE courses, including Personal Fitness, Fitness Lifestyle Design, and Health Opportunities through Physical Education. Click here for more information on these online PE options. [PE Credit]

    - Social Media (online) [elective credit]

    - Digital Information Technology (online) [elective credit]

    - Foundations of Programming (online), for either a CTE credit or elective credit

    - Life Management Skills [elective credit]

    - Reading for College Success [elective credit]

    - Business Internship (if students are able to work at least 128 hours at an independent job, earning a formal paycheck) [CTE credit]

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  • Are online summer school classes a good fit for me?

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    Summer school is traditionally a time to either get ahead with coursework to increase students’ flexibility in their high school schedules or to recover deficient credits. Online summer school condenses a semester-long online course into 9 weeks, so students are expected to spend about 10 hours per week on their coursework. This is a significant commitment, so we only encourage this option for students who are truly ready.

    Online coursework is not for every student. Success has nothing to do with prior academic achievement or a student’s intelligence. Rather, online learning is a different method of instruction where the learning is student self-directed and the teacher assumes the role of facilitator. Students who opt to take online classes should be highly motivated, organized, persistent, and strong independent readers.

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