Junior High Course Offerings

  • Our Junior High course offerings are listed below. Please note that all classes, unless otherwise indicated, are for semester (0.5) credit. Please note that course offerings may change depending on staff availability.


Junior High Course List

The following courses are offered to junior high students, in either full-time, distance learning, or blended settings. For more detailed course descriptions please click here!
Course Number Course Name Credit Restrictions
JEN700AOS English 7A (original credit) 0.5
JEN700BOS English 7B (original credit) 0.5
JEN750AOS English 7A (Honors) 0.5
JEN750BOS English 7B (Honors) 0.5
JEN800AOS English 8A (original credit) 0.5
JEN800BOS English 8B (original credit) 0.5
JEN850AOS English 8A (Honors)
JEN850BOS English 8B (Honors) 0.5
JMA700AOS Math 7A (original credit) 0.5
JMA700BOS Math 7B (original credit) 0.5
JMA750AOS Math 7A (Honors) 0.5
JMA750BOS Math 7B (Honors) 0.5
JMA800AOS Math 8A (original credit) 0.5
JMA800BOS Math 8B (original credit) 0.5
JMA850AOS Math 8A (Honors) 0.5
  • Year-Long Courses are indicated by an "A/B" in their course number (e.g. EN105A/BOS). Each segment of the course indicates one semester and is worth 0.5 credit. Therefore, you must take both halves of the course (e.g. EN105AOS and EN105BOS) to receive a full year (1.0) credit for the course.