COVID-19 Information

  • During the school closures as a result of COVID-19, Global Academy classes will still be accessible and teachers will be active. Students should still complete their courses by their due dates. We've made some other adjustments, detailed below.

Global Academy Office Hours

  • Global Academy offices will be closed until further notice. Parents may communicate with Global Academy staff by emailing or by leaving a voicemail message at our main office number: 480-507-1476. Staff members are working remotely and will respond as soon as possible, between the hours of 8am - 4pm.



New Enrollments

  • At this time we are not accepting new enrollments for 2019-20, unless determined by the District Hearing Office (DHO). We are accepting enrollments for the 2020-21 year, which begins July 1.

Final Exam Testing

  • Global Academy final exams, which usually must take place in a proctored environment, may be taken at home while schools are closed. 

    Students must have all coursework prior to the final complete and must be given clearance by their teacher. When students are ready to test:

    • PARENTS should request the day's final exam password, and will need to agree to the exam rules. They will fill out this form.
    • After receiving the exam request form, Global Academy staff will provide a password which will be active until 5:00PM that day.
    • The student may use the password to sign in to their finals and complete them.
    • If a student needs more time or needs to retake their final, parents may complete the form again.


    Global Academy expects that students and parents will uphold the following rules regarding final exam testing:

    1. Students will put away their cellular phones and will not navigate to other websites during their exam.

      (Global Academy will be monitoring test answers, and if evidence of direct copying or paraphrasing is found, the exam score will be invalidated.)

    2. Students will not work with anyone else on any part of the exam (including parents, siblings, friends, etc.)

    3. Students must be finished with their final exam no later than 5pm on the day of testing.

      (If a student did not finish, you will need to complete this form again to request the password for another day.)

    4. Students must pass the final exam in order to receive credit for the course. If they do not pass the first time they should study and take their ONE retake another day. A student who does not pass the exam after these two tries will receive a failing grade in the course.

    5. Students MAY use a calculator and notecard for MATH final exams only.

    6. Students MAY use one single-sided page of notes for SOCIAL STUDIES final exams only.

    At-Home Final Exam Testing: This form should be used only by a parent to request TODAY's password for the final exam.