• Gilbert Public Schools - You Choose How You Return 2020/2021 School Year Options

    Gilbert Public Schools' goal is to offer choice to support a positive return to school for all of our students. Registration for your chosen learning model opens July 7th. 

You Choose How You Return - In-person, Online, & Flex Options

  • To promote a healthy and supported beginning to our school year we are offering several learning options for our families.

    • Full-Time In-Person Learning On Campus
    • Flex Options (In-Person, On-Campus, and Online)
    • GPS Global Academy Online

    To support us in preparing for the beginning of the school year we ask that parents and families make their selection between July 7th and July 17th.  Registrations will still be accepted after that time.  If your student is already enrolled at one of our schools and your choice is to return to school full-time in person on campus you do not need to take any action.  

  • Beginning the School Year Online August 5th (Updated July 29, 2020)

    Following Governor Ducey's Executive Order (06/29/20) announcing that school cannot start in-person until August 17, 2020 but can begin online on the original start date, Gilbert Public Schools Governing Board approved to start school on the original date of August 5, 2020, online.  Following the latest executive order on July 23rd, we will transition students to our campuses for in-person instruction at such time as the health benchmarks provided by Arizona Department of Health and the Governor's Office are met.

    • For those students that select GPS Global Academy (full-time online) for their return to school learning model, school will begin August 5th online using GPS Global Academy.
    • For students that select Flex or In-person On Campus for their return to school learning models school will begin August 5th online and these students will transition back to our campuses and their chosen learning model at such time as in-person learning begins.  During online learning, students will be working with their classroom teacher(s) and classmates.  Online learning will be interactive and led by their GPS teacher.  It will not be the same as remote learning delivered at the end of the last school year.

    All 7-12 students automatically get a Chromebook and those elementary students who need a Chromebook will be able to check one out from their school.

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  • Preventative Measures on Campus

    For full details of an extensive range of preventative measures that will be in place on our campuses click here.

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Explore Your Options for 2020/2021 School Year

  • On-Campus Learning
  • Flex Options
  • GPS Global Academy (Online)

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