Gilbert Public Schools' goal is to offer learning model choice to meet the needs of our students and families during this time.   At this time our students can choose from full-time in-person on campus at one of our forty schools or full-time online through GPS Global Academy.

You Choose - In-person, Online

Explore Your Options for 2020/2021 School Year

  • On-Campus Learning
  • GPS Global Academy (Online)

Back to School General FAQ

  • Where can I view the Reopening Plan presented to the Governing Board on August 18, 2020?

  • What strategies are in place to minimize potential spread of COVID-19 on campuses?

  • Are students and employees required to wear face coverings? 

  • Is GPS Global Academy different than before?

  • Is Preschool being offered?

  • Is it possible to enroll for the full-time online learning option at GPS Global Academy to begin the school year and then move to the full-time in-person option later in the year?

  • Have any changes been made inside the school to reduce the proximity of students?

  • How are the classrooms be cleaned?

  • What can parents do to support efforts to minimize the spread of COVID-19?

  • What are the protocols for exposure and positive quarantine scenarios?

  • What does health screening for students look like?

  • What does health screening for employees look like?

  • How is lunch being managed?

  • How is breakfast being managed?

  • What support and services are available for special education students?

  • Is VIK before and after school care still being offered?

  • What is offered for Dual-Language Spanish Immersion?

  • What is the plan to help kids catch up who may have fallen behind?

  • Will GPS Global Academy students have access to athletics and extra-curricular activities?

  • If online, can seniors still graduate from their school and walk?

  • What is available for Gifted students?

  • What does the Gifted, Talented and Creative program look like?