GPS Global Academy Online Option

  • GPS Global Academy Parents who choose online instruction will register with GPS Global Academy.

    • K-12th grade
    • 5 full days per week
    • District device provided
    • Highly Qualified Gilbert Public Schools Teachers
    • Accredited standards-based Gilbert Public Schools adopted online curriculum
    • Social-Emotional supports in place for students
    • Accommodations and supports provided as needed
    • Access to teachers 5 days a week
    • All students assigned a mentor for weekly goal setting and additional support
    • In-person support at NEW GPS Global Academy campus, as needed
    • AP and Honors courses
  • If you do not wish to change your selected learning model you do not need to take action at this time. 

    Families that need to take action include:

      • If you are changing your choice of learning model 
      • If you selected Flex Elementary you are already enrolled in-person, if you would like full-time online rather than in-person on campus you will need to select GPS Global Academy

    If you are in one of the groups above and wish to choose full-time online GPS Global Academy please click on the link below and register prior to 5:00 pm, August 24.


    Existing GPS Family Registration

  • New and Improved GPS Global Academy K-12

    A key enhancement to our district online learning platform is the instructional model which will include online synchronous class lessons taught by full-time Gilbert Public Schools teachers who will also be meeting with students in small groups and providing additional assistance via phone, WebEx, and email during the school day. 

    Also, teachers will be enriching the courses, assignments, and assessments and everything will be assigned by our full-time GPS teachers. 

    These enhancements will create a much more interactive and teacher-supported experience for our students learning online through GPS Global Academy.

    Also, GPS Global Academy will now offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses and Honors courses for our students.

    To learn more please visit

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GPS Global Academy Accredited Online Curriculum

  • Gilbert Public Schools | GPS Global Academy Online Curriculum Accredited online curriculum taught by full-time highly qualified GPS teachers. 

    • Teachers will hold virtual lessons for their classes. These lessons will contain many opportunities for student discussion and connection.
    • Students are expected to meet with their teacher at least twice a week as well as complete online lessons and complete assignments
    • Students will be assigned a virtual mentor who they will meet with once per week for the purpose of goal-setting and additional support.
    • In addition to their regularly scheduled classes, students will have access to their teacher during office hours and open lab hours.
    • Support and services will be provided to ensure the success of English Language Learners and students with special needs.
    • Students will have access to a guidance counselor whenever needed
    • While students will spend most of their work time at home, Global Academy will have opportunities for students to come in-person to receive help.
    • Elementary teachers will take the lead in teaching the curriculum, and students will engage in online practice activities mostly on their own.
    • Junior high and high school teachers will lead the learning, but there is a greater emphasis on student self-directed learning as appropriate
    • AP and Honors courses


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GPS Global Academy FAQ

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  • If my student starts the year online will they be able to move to full-time in person on campus later in the year?

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