Full-Time In-Person Learning On Campus

  • Gilbert Public Schools In Person On Campus Option

    The on-campus learning model for K-12 students will be open for the 2020–21 school year with safety precautions in place.

     Phased-in Reopening:

      Hybrid model (in-person and online) September 8-18

      Full-time in-person September 21

      Dependent upon health benchmarks.

  • Full-Time In-Person Learning On Campus:
    • School hours and schedules remain the same, as appropriate
    • Facility procedures and services modified
    • Transportation services will continue to be provided
    • Kindergarten–12th Grade
    • Hybrid model (September 8 - 18)
    • 5 days per week beginning September 21
    • Preventive safety measures in place
    • Gilbert Public Schools teachers and curriculum
    • Social-emotional support
    • Specials and electives
    • Accommodations and support services provided
    • Recess breaks
    • Breakfast and lunch modified
    • Modified extracurricular activities and events
    • Modified Athletic Schedule
  • If you do not wish to change your selected learning model you do not need to take action at this time. 

    Families that need to take action include:

      • If you are changing your choice of learning model 
      • If you selected Flex Elementary you are already enrolled in-person, if you would like full-time online rather than in-person on campus you will need to select GPS Global Academy

    If you are in one of the groups above and wish to choose In-Person On-Campus please click on the link below and register prior to 5:00 pm, August 24.


    Existing GPS Family Registration

Video: Welcome Back to Campus

Full-Time In-Person Learning On Campus FAQ

  • Will secondary flex continue post 09/08?

  • Are there any changes to school start and end times for the 2020/21 school year?

  • Will transportation be provided?

  • Will specials still be offered?

  • For the full-time in-person option what measures are being put in place to minimize the potential spread of COVID-19?

  • How will the classrooms be cleaned?

  • What will recess look like?

  • How will lunch be managed?

  • How will breakfast be managed?

  • Will secondary students be changing classes through the day?

  • What will health screening for students look like?

  • What will health screening for employees look like?

  • Will students be wearing masks?

  • Will teachers and staff be wearing masks?

  • Can students wear face shields instead of masks?

  • What supports and services will be available for special education students?

  • Will assemblies still be held?

  • Will Preschools be offered on campus?

  • Will VIK before and after school care still be offered?

  • What is available for Gifted students?

  • What are the plans for athletics?

  • What are the plans for the performing arts?

  • Will field trips be offered?

  • If we have not yet enrolled for the 2020/21 school year where do we go to enroll and register?

  • What will determine another school closure?