Synchronous Classes

  • Synchronous classes are "Teacher-paced," meaning that the teacher controls how fast the entire class moves through the course. There will be scheduled, required, virtual class sessions, small group meetings, and opportunities for individual support.

    • All elementary (K-6) classes are synchronous and are scheduled over the entire year.
    • For 7th through 12th graders, all synchronous classes are semester-long

    In a synchronous class:

    • All students in the class move at the same pace throughout the course
    • There are scheduled live virtual lessons via Webex and lessons assigned weekly
    • Outside of the live lessons, the teacher is available for small group or individual assistance
    • Classes begin at the start of each semester and last for a full semester (18 weeks)
    • There is limited space


Asynchronous Classes

  • Asynchronous classes are student-paced, meaning the student decides how quickly to move through the course. In this model, the teacher is available if the student has questions about the course and to grade assignments that are submitted.

    • Asynchronous courses are only an option for 7th through 12th grade students.
    • These classes are scheduled for 9-week intervals

    In an asynchronous class:

    • Students move at their own pace throughout the course
    • There are no scheduled live virtual lessons
    • The teacher's role is to grade, provide feedback, and be available if a student needs assistance
    • Classes can be scheduled at any time and last for 9 weeks. If a student is working but needs more time we can offer a small amount of extra time
    • There is no limit on the number of students who can enroll in the course
    • If an asynchronous student wishes to have more time, what should they do? The student should fill out the schedule change request form, located on the GGA website (