School by School Temporary Hybrid Model When Full-Time In-Person

  • medical cross on laptop icon To promote the health and wellbeing of our students, and in an abundance of caution, during full-time in-person learning, if an individual school reaches the percentages below for reported active cases per campus population as reported on the district dashboard, a decision may be made for that school to move temporarily to a hybrid instructional delivery model for a minimum of 14 days.  The GPS dashboard data will be reviewed daily, and decisions regarding temporary hybrid will be made on Wednesdays. This approach is designed to be a preventative measure that will act as an additional mitigation strategy and help to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.  

    Gilbert Public Schools COVID-19 Schools Dashboard

    Percent (%) reported active cases per school population:

    • 1% for High Schools

    • 1.5% for Junior High Schools

    • 2% for Elementary Schools

    • 5 active cases for Canyon Valley School

    • 3 active cases for RISE Junior High School 

Temporary Hybrid Process & Timeline

  • What to Expect

    1. Data from local and regional entities, and our district data shared on our dashboard, is reviewed daily. In addition, every Wednesday district leadership will review the number of active cases by campus and determine if any schools are required to move to a temporary hybrid learning model.

    2. In the event of a specific school reaching the % of population with active cases of COVID-19 listed above, the district leadership team, along with Health Services, and in liaison with Maricopa County Health will determine if it is appropriate and necessary for that school to move temporarily to a hybrid instructional delivery model. If the decision is made on a Wednesday then parents will be notified on Thursday and the school will move to a hybrid instructional delivery model the following Monday.

    3. At that time all parents of students at that school will be notified. Parents can expect to be notified by email, and to receive a text message direct to their phone. The district and school website will also be updated with an alert.

    5. Follow up communication will be sent out directly from the school and your student’s teachers.

    6. While in a temporary hybrid instructional delivery model students will remain with their classroom teacher and will not be moved to GPS Global Academy, while regular communication updates will be provided to the students and parents via email, and posted on the school’s website. As mentioned, if a school does move temporarily to a hybrid instructional delivery model it will be for a minimum of 14 days.

Hybrid Instructional Delivery Model FAQ

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Last Modified on March 16, 2021