7th Grade

7th Grade Softball Tryout Information

  • Equipment:

    *Girls can leave their equipment/Softball bag in the classroom of a teacher or in Coach Trudeau’s classroom (209) before school. 

    Avoid leaving equipment in the front office. 

    Girls must bring the following equipment:

    • Cleats
    • Pants
    • Glove
    • Helmet
    • Bat
    • Water Bottle

    If a girl does not own a helmet or bat the school has some that can be used during tryouts.

    Tryout Schedule:
    Monday, July 31-Thursday, Aug 3 3:45-5:30 PM
    Meet at the softball fields after dressing

    Wednesdays, all athletes during the season meet in the cafeteria after school on the hour-early release day so coaches/teachers can attend meetings. (Meeting 2:45-3:30) tryouts (3:45-5:30)

    Each athlete will know whether or not they made the team at the end of tryouts on Thursday. 
    If an athlete does make the team at that point, athletic/uniform fees can be paid.

    Team Schedule:
    Monday-Thursday: 3:45-5:00
    Games: Monday/Wednesday @ 4:30

    Coach Info:
    7th grade Coach: Coach Hayden Trudeau
    (HJHS 7th grade English teacher)

    I am excited for an exciting and competitive season. Make sure the girls drink plenty of water throughout the school day as the season goes right up to the end of the first quarter. The heat will not be going anywhere, so staying hydrated is essential. 

    Thank you and please feel free to reach out directly to me or HJHS athletics department.
    Coach Trudeau

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8th Grade

  •     Highland Junior High

    8th Grade Girls Softball

    Coach Kami TeGrootenhuis 










    Monday, July 31

    Tuesday, August 1

    Wednesday, August 2

    Thursday, August 3

    Every school day when we do not have games





    4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

    4:00 pm - 5:30 pm





    8th grade softball field

    8th grade softball field



    What to bring


    Water bottle, glove(s), cleats, bat, facemask, and any other softball equipment you need.

    Water bottle, glove(s), cleats, bat, facemask, and any other softball equipment you need.


    Dear Parents & Athletes:


    Earning a spot on a competitive softball team during tryouts can be a difficult and pressure-packed experience. In a short period, softball players must display their talents and instincts in front of coaches. Players will need to showcase their ability to throw, catch, field, baserun, hit, knowledge of the game, coachability, effort, and positive attitude.

    Be on time to all practices ready to work. This shows what type of attitude you have and if you can be counted on.

    Hustle at all times! Never walk anywhere on the field you should always be running. No 8th hours or unexcused absences. If you have to miss for some reason let me know beforehand.

    Give 110% the entire time! You can't always control your ability, but you can always control your effort!

    Team announcement will be announced Thursday afterwards


    A note from Coach T Hello all!

    Welcome to HJHS 8th grade softball! If you are reading this note you are probably interested in trying out for the 8th grade softball team this year. I am extremely excited for this upcoming season, and I hope you are as well! My name is Kami TeGrootenhuis and I am going to be the coach this year. Softball is something that I am very passionate about, and this season will be my 12th season coaching softball. I have coached a wide variety of levels throughout my years, starting with little leaguers, to highschoolers. This is my 3rd year coaching for HJH and I also coach with the Highland High School varsity staff as well. I Imow a lot about softball and I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and love for the game with others.

    8th Grade Softball

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