• IB Application


    To submit a complete application, you will need to complete the google form (below) with two short essay responses and two teacher recommendations. We recommend writing the essays in a separate google doc, proofreading them, and then pasting your responses into the application.  You will be asked for your two recommending teacher's name and email address, and we will submit a recommendation form on your behalf.  As a best practice, you should speak with the teacher who will evaluate you before receiving the form from us.


    Essay Questions: answer both in 250-500 words each
    Question 1: The International Baccalaureate Programme’s “Learner Profile” identifies the following traits which should be developed throughout the student’s education. Please select any two of these traits and explain in detail how you have developed in them during your education to this point and how you intend to continue in the development of them (or in any other of the learner profile traits) as a candidate in the Gilbert IB Diploma Programme.

    • Inquirers
    • Knowledgeable
    • Thinkers
    • Communicators
    • Principled
    • Open-minded
    • Caring
    • Risk-takers
    • Balanced
    • Reflective

    Question 2: Describe a time in your life in which you experienced adversity and how you overcame or experienced it.

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