• Brain Boot Camp

Summer 2021 Brain Bootcamp Overview

  • GPS will be offering free, invitation only, 2021 summer school for a number of our elementary students. This program is targeted to support the most academically at risk students.

    GPS will also be offering for free, and invitation only, 2021 Brain Bootcamp Above and Beyond for Title I students program.

Brain Boot Camp Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will families be charged for this program?

  • How are students selected to participate? 

  • When and how will invitations go out to students? 

  • Where will Summer Extended Learning Experiences (KELP) be held this summer?

  • What are the dates?

  • What are the times?

  • Will Transportation be provided? 

  • Will breakfast and lunch be provided? 

  • What are the mitigation strategies for the Summer Extended Learning Experiences?

  • Will there be other learning opportunities? 

Last Modified on March 23, 2021