• Are you an Innovator?

    Are conventional schools an imperfect fit?
    Do you need a flexible schooling option?
    Ready to accelerate your plan of study, or get back on track?

    For over 10 years, GPS Global Academy has been a school where Kindergarten through 12th grade students living all over the state of Arizona take high-quality online classes from highly-trained Gilbert Public Schools teachers. At Global Academy, students work on their coursework at any time of day and from any internet-connected location in the world. Take a look at our three models of online learning and choose the one that fits you best!

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    Check out our learning models!

  • Asynchronous

    Students in the asynchronous model take up to 6 classes at a time, for 9-16 weeks each. Students can work on their courses at any time -- including working ahead or setting a work schedule that makes the most sense for their lives. GPS teachers provide support through email, Webex meetings upon request, quality feedback, and more.

  • A la carte

    In the A La Carte model, students,  in consultation with their parents and counselor, choose whether to take each class in the asynchronous or the synchronous format. They may end up with some of each in their daily schedule. Students in this model have a more flexible day than their fully-synchronous classmates but also benefit from having daily lessons and time to work with their peers on subjects in which they need more support.

  • Synchronous

    Students in the synchronous model have a set, daily schedule consisting of live lessons with a teacher and their classmates, independent online and offline activities, and highly valuable small group instruction. Students' days are packed with learning opportunities as well as activities to get them moving, expressing their creativity, and communicating well. Students follow the conventional semester-long schedule to complete their courses.

What are the class expectations?

How much does GPS Global Academy cost?

    • Kindergarten through 12th graders who reside anywhere in Arizona are able to enroll with GPS Global Academy as a full-time student for FREE. If a student is already enrolled in Gilbert Public Schools, they may enroll on a part-time basis; if they're taking up to six classes at a time they may do so for free, but the seventh or higher class will come with a fee.

Where can I take GPS Global Academy classes?

  • Online students can take classes anywhere they have a reliable Internet connection!

    More specifically, we recommend students attend class in places that are:

    • Free from distraction, including toys, games, televisions, and siblings
    • Highly organized, including all of the technology and supplies the student will need for the day
    • Well lit

What do students need? What does GPS Global Academy provide?

Why Global Academy, instead of other online school options?

How do I enroll my child?

  • We're honored that you're considering GPS Global Academy for your child's education!

    • To begin the enrollment process, visit http://www.gilbertschools.net/enroll and follow the instructions to complete the Online Enrollment Form. When the form asks you to select a school, be sure to select 'GPS Global Academy.'
    • Once received, a Global Academy staff member will reach out to you and let you know that your enrollment is being processed. Please email that person with any questions you have during this time.
    • When your application is complete, you'll arrange a time to meet with our Onboarding Counselor who will show you how to get started!