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Early Childhood Education – CTE Program of Study

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    The Early Childhood Education program is designed to prepare students for employment in early childhood settings. The program includes instruction in child growth and development, child health, nutrition, safety, planning and supervision of developmentally appropriate practices and learning activities. Child guidance, family relationships, parenting, and applicable legal and administrative requirements are addressed, as well. Preparation for the development and management of effective early childhood programs and facilities is included. In addition to technical skills, students completing this program will also develop advanced critical thinking, applied academic, career development, life and employability skills, business, economic and leadership skills required for entry into Early Childhood Education occupations. The program utilizes a delivery system made up of four integral parts: formal/technical instruction, experiential learning, supervised occupational experience and the Career and Technical Student Organizations, FCCLA and/or EdRising.Early

    Early Childhood Education is offered at all five of our Gilbert Public Schools high school campuses: Campo Verde HighDesert Ridge HighGilbert HighHighland High, and Mesquite High.

    Early Childhood Education Courses

    • LM110 Early Childhood - Child Development
    • LM300/301 Early Childhood - Toybox/Toybox Lab I
    • LM302 Early Childhood - Toybox Lab II
    • CT325 Early Childhood Internship
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Degrees and Certifications:

Camryn Purcell - Campo Verde

What CTE courses have you taken?
  • LM110 - Child Development
  • LM111 - Intro to Toybox
  • LM301/302 - Toybox Class/Lab
  • LM303 - Toybox Work Study
Do you have a favorite memory, lesson, or class project from Toybox?
I have many memories of Toybox. However, my fondest is the celebration of the learning event at the end of the year. Last year was so fun to be a part of and I can't wait for this year's event to happen.
What are your future career aspirations?
I would like to go to college and get my early education degree. I definitely want to teach elementary. I think either 3rd or 4th grade would be a good fit for me.
Do you believe what you’ve learned Toybox has prepared you for your future career?
Yes, I absolutely. I would never have known that I wanted to be a teacher and go to college to teach if I hadn't taken Toybox.