• GPS Global Academy expects all online students make progress toward high school graduation. To that end, all full-time GPS Global Academy junior high and high school students with 16 or less credits are required to enroll in a minimum of 12 classes (6 credits) throughout the school year. Students with 16 or more credits should plan to finish classes as soon as they can. E

    Students, in consultation with their parent/guardian and counselor, may select between the following class configurations. This selection will be made on the yearly scheduling preferences survey that goes out, or in conversation with your counselor. 

Conventional Year

0 classes in summer, 6 classes in Semester 1 and 6 classes in Semester 2
  • In the year-long configuration, which is most common, students take at least 2 classes during the summer months and then take at least five during each semester.

    In the conventional configuration, which matches the in-person school calendar, students take at least 6 classes during each semester, and none over the summer.


1 class July 1-late July, 5 classes 1st semester, 5 classes 2nd semester, 1 class late May to June 30