7th Grade Softball

  • Tryout information below pretains to both 7th and 8th grade:


    Dear Parents, Guardians, and Players                                                                         July 27th, 2023 

    Welcome to the 7th and 8th Grade Grizzly Softball Program. It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that we are beginning to prepare for the 2023 softball season.  This letter and attachments contain information on the upcoming tryouts which will begin very soon on Monday, July 31st, 2023.  Make sure to carefully read and follow all of the enclosed information. 

    We anticipate over 25 girls will be trying out for each of the two teams. Unfortunately, these numbers are too high for everyone to make the team(s). Previous experience tells us that in order for the players to get an appropriate amount of playing time, the number of girls that we can keep on each team is around 13-15 athletes. Please keep in mind that if you tryout and make the team you will be taking the place of someone who did not make the team. Thus, it is expected that athletes trying out be 100% dedicated to our Grizzly softball teams even if they are currently playing on another softball team, other sports, or activities. Attendance at practices and games is required for team membership. In addition, if you make the team, there are some costs associated with being on the team such as the $100 participation fee and $40 uniform. If your daughter does not make the team, please encourage her to participate in other school sponsored sports and activities. 

    Before they can tryout they must first have their Athletic Clearance information filled out online and approved by the athletic office. Tryouts will begin on Monday, July 31st and run for five days until final rosters are made after practice on Friday, August 4th. The Tryout practices will begin at 3:45pm sharp and end promptly at 5:30pm each day. Because the practices will end at the same time everyday, please make sure to have your athlete picked up by 5:40pm in the back of the school. Athletes trying out for the teams should be dressed out in appropriate clothes - PE uniforms are great. Please note that athletes trying out are not allowed to wear or have visible other softball organizations (LL, club, etc.) clothing/apparel. In addition, participants must bring their own softball glove, batting helmet w/attached facemask and wear tennis shoes or cleats. You may also bring your own fastpitch bat(s). 

    *REMINDER: Parent & Guardians are not allowed near/on any of the tryout areas. Please stay near the parking lot/school/gym to watch and pick up your athlete.

    Greenfield Junior High is committed to fielding the most successful teams possible.  The following qualities are important in making the team: Sound fundamental softball skills: throwing, catching, hitting, a positive attitude, coachability, hustle, and teamwork. It is going to be our sincere pleasure to work with your student athlete.  We are looking forward to another very successful softball season.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either of us.


                Aaron Van Briesen - 7th Grade Head Coach     Amber Franco - 8th Grade Head Coach  

8th Grade Softball

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