What happens to my classes at summer break?

  • GPS Global Academy is open to students year-round and does not strictly follow the conventional school calendar. The options for summer classes are based on whether a student is a full-time online Global Academy student or a part-time, concurrently-enrolled online student.

    Full-time GPS Global Academy Students:

    • Students who are fully online may work throughout the year. At the end of the school year (end of May) we will provide students the option to continue working or pause their enrollment until school officially resumes in late July.

    Concurrently-Enrolled & Center For Success Students:

    • Students who are enrolled both at a brick-and-mortar school and taking Global Academy classes must stop working on the last day of school. If they have not reached the 18 week maximum time limit, they may continue from where they left off at one of the following times:
      • During summer school:
        • If you did not pay for the class during the school year, we will charge a $200 fee
        • If you paid for the class during the school year, we will charge the difference in fees, $40
      • When school resumes in late July (no fee)

    • Students will receive the remainder of the 18 weeks to complete their course. For example, if a student begins a course 10 weeks before the last day of school, they will be given 8 additional weeks when they resume their course.