• In November, voters living within Gilbert Public Schools boundaries will decide a proposed 15% budget override continuation. The current 15% override has been in place since 2020. Unless re-authorized, this override will begin to expire school year 2025/26. The requested 15% budget override continuation would provide approximately $35.8 million per year for 5 years.

$100 Million Bond Request FAQs

  • Don’t we have a current bond? Why is GPS asking for another one?

  • Why were the Bond sales accelerated after the November 2019 Bond was approved?

  • How has our district spent the funds generated from the current bond?

  • If the bond is approved, how will taxes be affected?

  • Why does GPS need a bond authorization? Why can’t you use existing resources to maintain and upgrade existing facilities? Charter schools are able to handle their facility needs without asking voters for assistance - why can’t you?

Last Modified on August 31, 2023