2022-23 A-F Letter Grades


    October 30, 2023

    Dear Gilbert Public Schools Families,

    The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) released 2022-23 School Letter Grades today.  The state’s ‘Accountability System’ is designed to empower schools to achieve and increase success for their students by providing districts and schools with feedback on areas of strength and those that may need additional focus and enrichment.  

    Schools earn a letter grade based on a range of metrics including proficiency and growth in key subject areas, graduation rates, subgroup proficiency improvement, acceleration and readiness measures, and college and career readiness indicators.

    The Letter Grades used are as follows:

    A = Excellent

    B = Highly Performing

    C = Performing

    D = Minimally Performing 

    F = Failing

    In Gilbert Public Schools we are extremely proud of all of our students and staff and their achievements. The majority of our schools, 92%, achieved an A or B letter grade for 2022-23, rating them as excellent or highly performing by the Arizona Department of Education; 23 of our schools received an ‘A’.  This is a reflection of the hard work of our students, staff, and families. As a district, we appreciate everything that goes into these assessments and recognize the ‘Letter Grade’ system as a useful measure of academic progress and achievement, providing opportunities for celebration and also for continued improvement.  

    In addition, this year, Arizona has reinstated letter grades for districts.  We are delighted to announce that Gilbert Public Schools has been recognized with an 'A'-rating by the Arizona Department of Education for the 2022/23 school year.

    Our goal has always been and will continue to be to put our students first, delivering a well-rounded, high-quality educational experience for all, with a focus on delivering academic excellence for all students. We appreciate you choosing Gilbert Public Schools, and we are proud of all that our students and staff have accomplished over the past academic year.


    Shane McCord


2022-2023 District Letter Grade (Arizona Department of Education)

District Letter Grade
Gilbert Public Schools A

2022-2023 School Letter Grades (Arizona Department of Education)

School Letter Grade
Ashland Ranch Elementary A
Augusta Ranch Elementary B
Boulder Creek Elementary B
Burk Elementary A
Canyon Rim Elementary A
Carol Rae Elementary A
Finley Farms Elementary A
Gilbert Elementary B
Greenfield Elementary A
Harris Elementary A
Highland Park Elementary A
Islands Elementary A
Meridian Elementary A
Mesquite Elementary A
Neely Traditional Academy A
Oak Tree Elementary B
Patterson Elementary A
Pioneer Elementary A
Playa del Rey Elementary B
Quartz Hill Elementary C
Settler's Point Elementary A
Sonoma Ranch Elementary A
Spectrum Elementary A
Superstition Springs Elementary A
Towne Meadows Elementary A
Val Vista Lakes Elementary B
Desert Ridge Junior High B
Greenfield Junior High B
Highland Junior High B
Mesquite Junior High C
South Valley Junior High A
Gilbert Classical Academy A
Campo Verde High School A
Desert Ridge High School B
Gilbert High School B
Highland High School A
Mesquite High School B
Gilbert Global Academy C