Synchronous Classes

  • Live, teacher-led English and Math classes are available for 7th, 8th, and 9th-grade students enrolled fully with GPS Global Academy. Students in these grade levels will automatically be given these classes as part of their schedule. Students who are concurrently-enrolled with Global Academy may not take these courses.

    These classes include:

    • JEN700AOS and JEN700BOS - English 7
    • JEN750AOS and JEN750BOS - Honors English 7
    • JEN800AOS and JEN800BOS - English 8
    • JEN850AOS and JEN850BOS - Honors English 8
    • EN105AOS and EN105BOS - English I (9th grade)
    • EN110AOS and EN110BOS - Honors English I (9th grade)
    • JMA700AOS and JMA700BOS - Math 7
    • JMA800AOS and JMA800BOS - Math 8
    • MA211AOS and MA211BOS - Algebra I
    • MA212AOS and MA212BOS - Honors Algebra I

    Note: students who are able may accelerate to a different level of math with administrator approval.


  • Year-Long Courses are indicated by an "A/B" in their course number (e.g. EN105A/BOS). Each segment of the course indicates one semester and is worth 0.5 credit. Therefore, you must take both halves of the course (e.g. EN105AOS and EN105BOS) to receive a full year (1.0) credit for the course.