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Welcome to Gilbert Public Schools Online Pre-K–12 Enrollment!

  • Gilbert Public Schools Enrollment Registration Open for 2022–2023 School Year

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  • Welcome to Gilbert Public Schools. We are delighted to offer high-quality education Preschool–12 in the Town of Gilbert and the City of Mesa for over one hundred years. As a premier district of choice, we are excited to welcome you to our GPS family!  Please enroll online using the links below, selecting your chosen boundary school, or open enrollment.  Our team will be in contact to finalize your enrollment. Thank you for choosing GPS!

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  • GPS Global Academy is available to all Arizona students, Kindergarten through 12th grade, at no charge. 

Pre-K–12 Enrollment for New Families to GPS

  • Online Enrollment for New Families - In-Boundary and Open Enrollment

    If your family is new to Gilbert Public Schools, and you do not currently have any students enrolled at any of our schools, please begin the enrollment process with New Family Registration.


    New Family Registration

Pre-K–12 Enrollment for Existing GPS Families

  • Online Enrollment for Existing Families - In-Boundary and Open Enrollment 

    If you are an existing Gilbert Public School family and would like to enroll a new student or are looking to transfer a student from one school to another please begin enrollment using your existing Infinite Campus Parent Portal. (After logging into your Infinite Campus account, click on Online Registration under the More link on the left menu to get started.)


    Existing GPS Family Registration

  • Families of students who attend a GPS school may use the "Back to School" selection tool found in the Infinite Campus parent portal to enroll as a full-time GPS Global Academy student by selecting "Global Academy" as your school.

Registering as a Full-Time Global Academy Student

  • Students in Kindergarten through 12th grade who are not currently enrolled, who have withdrawn, or who are going to withdraw from any school may enroll as a full-time GPS Global Academy student.

    For all students, in order to enroll with GPS Global Academy, please follow these steps:

    1. You will need to complete the Online Enrollment process and select "Global Academy" as your school.

      - If your family is new to Gilbert Public Schools and you do not have any students enrolled at one of our schools please apply for enrollment using the New Family Registration.

      - If you are an existing Gilbert Public Schools family enrolling a new student or transferring a student from one school to another please apply using ​your existing Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Once you click this button, look for the large button that says "Enroll Online!" (click here for a screenshot)
    2. In addition to completing the online enrollment, the following documents are required:
    3. You will not register for classes until you have been advised by Global Academy staff on course selection.  For high school students, a credit check must be performed prior to registration in order to ensure that students select courses that support their high school graduation plans.

    4. After your enrollment has been approved and processed, you will receive a phone call within two (2) business days confirming enrollment and course information. **Please note that you will not fill in course selections on your registration form.  Global Academy staff will fill in the appropriate courses after the registration information is received. 

    5. All full-time online students are required to take Arizona State testing.

    6. High School Transfer policy (please read):  click here to review policy

Elementary Students

  • Full-time elementary students will take classes in all subject areas with a certified teacher. Students will be required to meet with their teacher on a regular basis, at least twice each week, and complete assignments when not working directly with their teacher.

Junior High & High School Students

  • All junior high and high school courses through the Global Academy will be 9 weeks in length. Full time online students are typically scheduled into two courses at a time, but may be scheduled for more with administrator approval. Beginning in 2020/21, students will be required to meet at least monthly with a mentor to discuss their progress and set goals.

    Students can choose to enroll in one the following types of classes (or a mix):

    • Teacher-paced, virtual classes where students will with their teacher on a regular basis, at least twice each week, and complete assignments when not working directly with their teacher.
    • Student-paced, where the student completes the course with a teacher facilitator

    Courses will be set up to start on specific dates and end 9 weeks later.

    • It is recommended that a student only take two courses per 9 weeks, but if a student is motivated and disciplined to learn the material in the course, the student may sign up for more courses, per approval of the Global Academy coordinator.

    • Each course contains a final exam that must be taken in person. Full-time Global Academy students may take their exams at the Global Academy testing center, located at 55 N Greenfield Road in Gilbert beginning in August. 

    Note: High school students who plan to become eligible to be NCAA athletes should indicate this on their registration form. Global Academy courses are certified by the NCAA but we want to make sure you meet all the necessary eligibility guidelines.

Course Drop Policy

  • Drop Policy
    • If you choose to drop a course within 30 days of enrollment, it will be dropped without grade penalty. Any drops made after 30 days of enrollment will result in a W/F (Withdraw/Fail) grade on the transcript. This grade will be replaced once the student completes the class.
    • To receive a full course refund (not including any bank processing fee), parent must email a drop request within FIVE business days of the course beginning.  Please include the student's full name, ID#, course name and Drop Request in the subject line.  Please allow up to 3 weeks for processing.

  • Welcome to Gilbert Public Schools!

  • Who do I contact for questions or help during the enrollment process?

  • What is Online Enrollment?

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  • What steps are involved with using Online Enrollment?

  • What information/documentation is needed to enroll?

  • Is my child’s information secure?

  • Is my student automatically enrolled after I submit the online application?

  • I have more than one student in the District. Do I have to start the process multiple times?

  • What is the Gilbert Public Schools District policy on open enrollment?

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