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A Day in the Life of a Mesquite Performance Academy Student at Legacy Sports USA

Welcome to Mesquite Elementary Performance Academy

  • Our 4th - 6th-grade Performance Academy students are in school every morning and then transported directly to their training or performance facility for the afternoon.

    Certified, highly qualified GPS teachers utilize the Summit Learning Platform with the students to allow for individualized learning experiences and direct support from teachers and other students. Students are supported to work at their own pace with daily classroom teaching and group work. Weekly mentoring sessions ensure student success.

    Benefits include:

    • Personalized learning
    • Opportunities for acceleration
    • Flexible schedule
    • Socialization with students
    • Elective offerings
    • Mentor program
    • Collaborative project work


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Performance Academy Parent Resources

Performance Academy Application Steps

  • Our Performance Academy is for 4th - 8th grade athletes and performing arts students.  The program helps students excel academically in a school environment in the mornings and access training and programs in the afternoons, taking their achievements to the next level.  Students can access their own training or performing arts facility in the afternoons or be part of the Legacy Sports USA Sports Enrichment Program at Bell Bank Park.

    Welcome to the Performance Academy!

    • Designed for athletes and performing arts students ready to excel academically with a flexible schedule and academic and personalized support.
    • Access to a wide range of academic and social school experiences alongside peers at Mesquite Elementary and South Valley Junior High, both A-Rated (Department of Education), A+ Schools of Excellence (Arizona Educational Foundation).
    • Access to accelerated academic opportunities, extra-curricular clubs and programs, and electives.
    • Access to the Sports Enrichment Program at Bell Bank Park with Legacy Sports USA.
    • Option to access the Performance Academy schedule and select students' own gym or performing arts facility.


    Academic and Performance Excellence for 4th-8th Grade Students

    Grades 4-6 at Mesquite Elementary.

    Grades 7-8 at South Valley Junior High.

Performance Academy Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can Junior High Performance Academy students take part in Junior High athletics?

  • What if I live outside of GPS boundaries, can we apply to be a part of the Performance Academy at Mesquite or South Valley?

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  • What does the afternoon schedule at Legacy Sports USA / Bell Bank Park include?

  • What transportation is offered for Performance Academy students enrolled in Legacy Sports USA sports enrichment programs?

  • Are there costs to attend the Performance Academy?

  • Is Tax Credit available?

Last Modified on September 23, 2022